Get Qurious Maker Box Review

A couple weeks before our trip to Costa Rica, I received a Get Qurious Maker Box in the mail to review with my kiddo. What’s a Get Qurious Maker Box? It’s an activity box that encourages imaginative play using puzzles, stories, masks and more that work together with an app (iPhone only!) to bring it to life. I knew my little miss would be on board! Normally, the box is $19.99. This box was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review; all opinions are my own.

Get Qurious Maker Box

Get Qurious Maker Box contents

Once arriving home from vacation, my daughter dove right in and started playing! The Get Qurious Maker Box has four activities to do, and each one has unique features that bring it to life within the app. For instance, in the puzzle section, you can assemble the house and then use the app to scan each piece. Then, on the screen, the fully assembled house comes to life and can be interacted with! With each puzzle piece being double sided, it makes for many different combinations to scan into the app for a new experience.

Get Qurious Maker Box puzzle   Get Qurious Maker Box puzzle app

Each activity works in that same manner; a short real-world activity followed by a longer virtual-world experience via the app. My daughter had a great time playing with each one, and even went back to the sticker and puzzle activities multiple times.

Get Qurious Maker Box mask

We ran into some issues with the mask activity however. Every time we tried to scan her face wearing the mask, the app would freeze and then crash. Not so fun. But she didn’t mind; she enjoyed just wearing the masks around to play!

Get Qurious Maker Box story cards  Get Qurious Maker Box sticker book

Other than the mask hiccup, the app is extremely easy to use for children. My daughter is six and had no trouble lining up the scanner or camera for each activity. It’s very responsive and easy to follow, even if your child isn’t reading yet. Perfect for the 4-6 age range.

The age range is really my only other note about this box. On it, the box lists age 4-9 as the appropriate age range. Honestly, I think that’s way too broad. I can’t see an eight or nine year old finding much enjoyment in this. The activities are too easy and simple. My six year old had fun, but she plowed through each activity in a few minutes and was ready to be done with the box in about fifteen minutes total. I definitely think 4-6 is a more realistic age range for the box.

Overall, the Get Qurious Maker Box is a fun little activity. I think it would be great to bring on a trip actually. With everything being able to fit into the thin box it doesn’t take up much space and provides fun and the novelty of using the phone. (At least, it’s a novelty for my kiddo; normally she is not allowed to use our phones.) I think right now Three Little Pigs is the only box option they have and hopefully they’ll have more options in the future!

  • Danielle Knapp

    Sounds like a fun box my 5 year old would like 🙂

    • Kay

      I bet! Hopefully they’ll come out with more theme options sometime!

  • It’s great that your little one didn’t mind the mask faux paux! Kids are so much more easy-going than I’ll ever be, haha. Looks like a fun box, I’m glad your kiddo enjoyed it!

    • Kay

      True story; in general I feel like kids roll with the punches pretty well!


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