Geek Girl Bloggers Card Swap + Gift Exchange!

This month I participated in a fabulous Valentine’s Day card swap and gift exchange with the lovely ladies in the Geek Girl Blogger’s group! It was actually the first card swap or gift exchange I’ve ever participated in (stupid necessary budgeting…) but I definitely want to do more in the future. Who doesn’t love some snail mail?

Card Swap cards

I got so many wonderful cards, from so many different places! I love to save stamps, so that was like an added bonus with the cards.

gift exchange hp funko quidditch

My secret gifter was Jessica from The Nifty Nerd, and she seriously nailed my gift! Eeeeeeeee Harry Potter in his Quidditch uniform!!!!!

harry potter section nerd shelves

He is actually the HP Funko I wanted most and I did a little happy dance right in my kitchen when I opened him up! He takes the center spot of our HP collection on the nerd shelves.

gift exchange card

Also included was this excellent Darth Vader card (which my hubs also got quite a kick out of when I showed him) and a Dove Milk Chocolate bar I completely devoured before photographing.(#sorrynotsorry) I freaking adore Dove milk chocolate…so smooth and rich. So thank you so much Jessica, I loved my gifts!

For my end of the card swap, I decided to make my cards. I already had blank cards kicking about so I just drew up some geek themed cards after polling the ladies about their favorite fandoms!

card swap cards

I think the Supernatural ones are my faves. Bobby’s and Castiel’s have ‘Idjit’ and ‘Assbutt’ written inside in a heart haha! I had a mini heart attack after mailing them wondering if anyone would be offended, but hopefully everyone knows it’s in good humor and fandom love. I promise, I don’t think anyone who received these cards is actually an idjit or an assbutt. 😀

Have you participated in an exchange before? What did you think?

  • Emma

    Your cards turned out amazing. I think I can guess exactly who some of the cards went to 😛

    • Kay

      Hey thanks! I love having an excuse to make stuff. 😀

  • That’s such a cool idea! I love your cards, I’m sure anyone who knows supernatural will love it.

    • Kay

      Thanks! I’m definitely hoping so. 😀

  • I got Castiel and he was PERFECT! Love it!!!!! You did so good!

    • Kay

      Yay, I’m glad you love it! 🙂

  • Kaitlin Michelle

    I just joined the group and hope they do another exchange soon. I wanna participate!

    • Kay

      I’m sure there’ll be another in the future, and welcome to the group! 🙂

  • Ahhh! You didn’t show off the BEST ONE. 😉 <3

    • Kay

      😀 I realized I forgot to scan a couple only AFTER I already packaged them up to send!! Derp….I’m glad you liked yours!

  • I seriously loved my card! Thank you so much!!!

    • Kay

      You’re so welcome, I’m glad!

  • I love my Dean card!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Danielle Knapp

    I adored my Snitch card – it’s hanging up in my office space 🙂

  • That Star Wars card is hilarious! Quidditch Harry is adorable! I was thinking of getting him, but I don’t have any more room on my Funko Pop shelves! 🙁

    • Kay

      I got the main trio for Christmas, and I couldn’t really justify buying a 2nd Harry Potter Funko, so I’m beyond thrilled I got him haha! Now it’s guilt free! 😀

  • gamerwife

    Those Supernatural Valentines are amazing!

    • Kay

      Thanks Mariko!

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