FOCUS: Productivity – An Addendum

I wanted to take today and add a follow-up to my productivity post. I love that post, and the tips in it, but I left out an important one: Give yourself a break. You can’t make every second of every day ‘productive’. Every ounce of free time won’t always be ‘productive’. Sometimes, you have to break away from the plan, or the goal, and just live. While my word of the year is Focus, I need to remember that sometimes the best way to focus is to take a break, and take some time for myself. Burning out is a legitimate thing, and it’s something I’d like to avoid.

This wasn’t the post I originally had in mind for today. But after receiving my Inklings newsletter from Kristin over at My Life as a Teacup, it was the one I wanted to write. She talked about how doing what you want at that moment is often so much more important than sticking to a plan or schedule. That struck such a chord with me!

This past Sunday, I had plans to make the most of the day. Do my Yoga Camp vid, catch up on chores, write blog posts, work on art. What I actually did? Slept in, hung out with my brother who was up from Boston, played out in the snow with my kiddo, let the dishes pile up, and watched Harry Potter with friends that night. It felt amazing. I felt no guilt, and no regret. I did what I wanted, and I think overall my work (be it blog posts or art) is better off because of it. Forcing myself to sit down and do something because I feel I should doesn’t usually make for a great result.

My point is, time management and staying on task are great. I love utilizing the top three task system. But it doesn’t have to be ALL the time. I can’t have it be all the time. The blog posts can wait. The art will be there tomorrow, and so will the housework. Taking time for yourself IS productive, and it’s necessary. So I hope that whatever productive things you do in 2016, you also take time for you and enjoy it!

  • Wise, wise words!

    Kristin’s newsletter inspired me to write about taking a break from something I’m not enjoying right now. I’m going to share it next week πŸ™‚

    • Kay

      Awesome, I’m excited to read it!

  • Danielle Knapp

    So very true – sometimes a break is best for our work and productivity πŸ™‚

    • Kay


  • B.

    I love this post! There’s nothing wrong with planning a ton of things, but there’s nothing wrong with just taking a time out as well!

    • Kay

      Yes, exactly!

  • gamerwife

    I definitely still struggle with this one. I don’t know why it’s so hard to give myself permission to enjoy downtown.

    • Kay

      It can be tough. I feel like I’m pretty good at enjoying it in the moment, but often I find myself looking back and chiding myself for ‘wasting time’. I need to work on not viewing it as wasted time; downtime and self care is not a waste!

  • Such a great post! I often feel guilty about not being as productive as I would like. I end up berating myself for my laziness, but it really can be so healing to just relax and take a break from the day to day stress. Thanks for reminding me that it’s okay to take some time for myself<3

    • Kay

      Absolutely! And I feel like the guilt can end up making it so hard to then pick up and be productive…definitely a vicious cycle. So don’t feel guilty – enjoy that time! Self care time definitely IS productive.

  • I’m struggling with this especially lately when I really do need to have some downtime or it’ll get to a point where I won’t be able to do anything so thanks for this post xoxo

    β™₯ Cateaclysmic β™₯

    • Kay

      Aw, you’re welcome! I feel the same way – when I forget about downtime I definitely get to the point where I just do nothing which is so much more unproductive than a little break!

  • THIS. THIS. THIS. Although, finals….can’t wait because I can’t afford to pay back school. LOL I have decided that there are more important things like watching those bright brown eyes of my son’s light up at the mention of a library.

    • Kay

      Yes! Exactly!!

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