February Goals

Much like January’s goals, my list of February goals will be short. I’m really liking the idea of keeping my goals productive and attainable. Last month’s were relatively vague, so for February I’m honing in to work on more specifics! Also, while not a specific goal on the list, overall time management is my biggest focus for this upcoming month!

#1. Attempt the #weeklyfive. I mentioned #weeklyfive in my last WIP Wednesday post, after discovering it on Love Teacup Kisses blog. The idea is to create five pieces of art a week. This will be challenging, but as April creeps closer that means so does my shop opening. Therefore, consistently making art is a must.

#2. Water consumption. I’m doing really well with sticking with exercise, but I suck at drinking water. I go up and down with remembering, and I know I don’t drink nearly enough. So I’m making it a priority which I track in my planner daily. Ideally, I’d like to be drinking one full water bottle each day, which is 16oz. I should probably be drinking more, but you gotta start somewhere.

#3. Read three books. I only read two books in January, and that fact makes me a little sad. Time management is a big focus for me in February, and I’m definitely going to work on making more time to read, while still keeping up everything else.

#4. Figure out & finalize where I’m getting prints made. This is a huge scary goal for me. I don’t know why, but I’m slightly terrified to go about getting prints made of my artwork. I think it’s just because I know nothing about it, and so far have done very little research into it. February is my month to research, and make a decision!

And that’s it! Four goals, all of which are achievable with the right effort. I’m excited to continue my Focus series (talking about planning & organization this month!), as well as sharing more art!

Have you set any February goals? What does the month look like for you?

  • B.

    For #4, I’d ask on Twitter for some recommendations! Especially from those who maybe take part in Artist Alley at cons!

    • Kay

      That’s a great idea! I will do that for sure!

  • Great goals, Kayly! I hope to read three books too!

    • Kay

      We can do it! 🙂

  • Those sound great! I haven’t really set any goals but I have a few projects I need to finish for the shop this month. I’m working on vinyl stickers + new fabric designs. I’m always looking into printers, I used Persnickety Prints for my last batch and I liked them. Looking into a place in Houston called The Night Owls Print Shop. Several artists I know use them and they just started doing enamel pins that I’m saving up for. Hope that helps. Also don’t use Vista Print, they’re awful! Oh and check out printed.com, I’ve heard about them too. Xo

    • Kay

      Thank you so much Shawna! I will definitely look into the ones your recommended…and I will stay away from Vista Print. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about them. I’m considering Moo for business cards as I’ve heard good things from a few people – have you tried them before? And I am SO excited for your vinyl stickers!!

      • Moo is the best for business cards! I’ve been thinking about trying their greeting cards + other print services since the quality of their business cards is amazing!

        • Kay

          Awesome! I’ll be ordering from there then, and I’ll look into their other print services too!

  • Good luck with your February goals!

    For the water goal why not get yourself a snazzy water bottle, with your fave fandom on it or some fun quote? It will probably make water more interesting lol.
    (I’m currently drinking ‘Darth Vader’ water)

    I set little goals throughout the year too, it’s much better than big overwhelming New Years resolutions. I plan on levelling up on the language app Duolingo this month and to stop worrying about my weight gain. 🙂

    cuteek.com | cute geek lifestyle blog

    • Kay

      Those are great goals! And I actually already have a water bottle that I jazzed up with fandom stickers and I STILL suck at drinking water haha!

  • Emma

    You’ve got some great goals there. I’m looking forward to the launch of your shop – how exciting!

    • Kay

      Thanks Emma!!

  • christine

    Awesome goals – water is huge! I can seriously tell the difference on days where I slack on the hydration – I feel tired and gross. I drink almost a gallon a day, but I’m a freak and work outside haha

    • Kay

      In the summer I drink a boat ton as well for the same reason – I’m constantly outside and hiking or gardening or something. But in winter I feel like I go into semi-hybernation mode haha and start slacking in so many areas of physical self care. Must stick with the water train!

  • Great goals! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      Thanks Mandy!

  • Great goals! Five pieces of art a week sounds really challenging! But I’m sure you can make it happen 😉 And about water, yeah, it’s super important to drink the correct amount. I’m always trying to remember to do it correctly myself too.

  • These are all great goals! Drinking water is really a struggle at first, but it does get easier. And don’t forget that tea also counts towards your water goal!

    • Kay

      I add milk and sugar to me tea, so it unfortunately doesn’t count (plus there’s all kinds of controversy about whether or not black tea still counts as water since it adds caffeine and whatnot…who knows!) – otherwise I’d be set just on tea haha! But I do want to make it a habit to learn to drink just plain water anyway. 🙂

  • Good luck with your goals! I made it a goal to drink more water and I’m doing pretty well! The only other goal I have that I need to work on is exercising! I need to make time to work out. -_-

    • Kay

      Good for you! I hate exercising haha, but at the same time I like the feeling it gives me when I’m done.

  • Jas

    Great goals 🙂 I can’t wait to see how you get on. Well done on the exercising, too. Mine is pretty none existent right now.

    • Kay

      Thanks! Though this past week was a fail…Yoga Camp ended and I only did yoga once last week without it. Yikes! But I did get some hiking in so that’s a bonus.


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