• February Goals

      posted in Life In General by Kay on February 2, 2016

      Much like January’s goals, my list of February goals will be short. I’m really liking the idea of keeping my goals productive and attainable. Last month’s were relatively vague, so for February I’m honing in to work on more specifics! Also, while not a specific goal on the list, overall time management is my biggest focus for this upcoming month!

      #1. Attempt the #weeklyfive. I mentioned #weeklyfive in my last WIP Wednesday post, after discovering it on Love Teacup Kisses blog. The idea is to create five pieces of art a week. This will be challenging, but as April creeps closer that means so does my shop opening. Therefore, consistently making art is a must.

      #2. Water consumption. I’m doing really well with sticking with exercise, but I suck at drinking water. I go up and down with remembering, and I know I don’t drink nearly enough. So I’m making it a priority which I track in my planner daily. Ideally, I’d like to be drinking one full water bottle each day, which is 16oz. I should probably be drinking more, but you gotta start somewhere.

      #3. Read three books. I only read two books in January, and that fact makes me a little sad. Time management is a big focus for me in February, and I’m definitely going to work on making more time to read, while still keeping up everything else.

      #4. Figure out & finalize where I’m getting prints made. This is a huge scary goal for me. I don’t know why, but I’m slightly terrified to go about getting prints made of my artwork. I think it’s just because I know nothing about it, and so far have done very little research into it. February is my month to research, and make a decision!

      And that’s it! Four goals, all of which are achievable with the right effort. I’m excited to continue my Focus series (talking about planning & organization this month!), as well as sharing more art!

      Have you set any February goals? What does the month look like for you?