DIY Triforce Tree Topper

It’s time for another geeky holiday DIY! As I mentioned in my DIY Geek Ornament post, we have a geek theme for our Christmas tree. For awhile, we had a traditional star at the top; a light up one selected by our daughter. But once that stopped working last year, I wanted a new topper. I wanted something geeky, but also something gold and shiny to invoke that shiny Christmas star feeling. I immediately thought of the Triforce! As usual with my DIYs, I wanted this project to be relatively simple and relatively cheap. It’s definitely more time and supply intensive than the DIY ornaments, but still pretty simple and inexpensive! Here’s what I came up with for a DIY Triforce tree topper.

You Will Need:

Paper Triforce template
Large white foam core board (roughly 22 x 28)
Scotch tape
Exacto knife
Gold paint
Black paint
Paintbrushes (medium and small)
Black permanent marker
Paperclips (~5)
Hot glue


Step 1: Print & cut out your paper Triforce template. I found a large Triforce image online, and made an image of half of it in Photoshop. Then I printed two halves on standard size printer paper (using the ‘Draft’ setting on my printer to save ink!). Once printed, I cut them out, and taped them together to make a large Triforce image.


Step 2: Tape your template down to the foam board. Make sure to tape it using minimal space (such as in the corner like above), as you will be cutting out three Triforces from this board!


Step 3: Once taped, trace around the edges with a permanent marker. Try and keep your marker lines symmetrical in thickness on both sides, as this tracing will be your cutting template. This will all be painted over too, so it’s okay if the outline isn’t even all around. As long as each side mirrors the other.


Step 4: Make adjustments if need be. I felt like the top wing section was a little droopy, so I adjusted that top wing section. Like the last step, just make sure any changes you make are reflected symmetrically.


Step 5: Once your outline is done grab your Exacto knife and (carefully) start cutting. Keep the paper template on! You’ll need it to cut out the center triangle of the Triforce. The cutting is a slow process. Rushing it ends with frustration and ripping the foam core (not that I know from experience…) so it’s much better to take your time and make sure the cuts are straight.


Step 6: Once your first Triforce it cut out, trace IT (not the paper template) back onto the foam core. Cut out, and repeat again so you end up with three total foam Triforces. Hot glue all three together, making sure every edge and corner is sealed down tight. At this point, you may notice some of the edges don’t exactly match up, or the corners. Now is the time to take that Exacto knife and make any and all adjustments to the shape.


Step 7: Once you’ve got all three glued together and adjusted, it’s time to bust out the paint! Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pics of the painting process…oops. But you want to cover the front and back thoroughly, painting over the black lines. This may take up to three coats. Also, DO NOT spend time painting the edges! Those will be black, so there is no need to waste time and paint making them gold.


Step 8: Once you have painted the front and back gold (all coats), paint the side edges black. Once the sides are painted and dry, add the thick black outline to the front and back with a permanent marker. You could use paint for this too, but I find I have more control over line weight with a marker vs a brush. You’re almost done now!


Step 9: When I first made this, I didn’t even consider how I was going to actually ‘attach’ it to the tree! But after a bit of brainstorming, I came up with a really simple solution. Take your paperclips, and unbend each one. Then form them into concentric circles, closing each one with some tape. Use your tree top to gauge the circle sizes you will need – you want the largest rings to slide over the top pretty easily. See where I’m going with this?


Step 10: Hot glue each ring (largest at the bottom, going up to smallest) to the back side of your Triforce.


Finished! You’ve done it! Once the glue is dry, slide it over the top of your tree for a fantastically geeky Triforce tree topper.

Not a Zelda fan? No problem! This tutorial can be adapted to pretty much any 2D shape for a great custom topper. Honestly, I may make another one that is Magic the Gathering themed (which is my partner’s fave) so we can alternate each year. A TARDIS would be pretty great too. There are so many options!

The best part of this project? It cost me $1. ONE. DOLLAR. I had to buy the white foam core from the dollar store. Everything else I already had on hand. Even if I’d had to buy the paint this would still have only been about a $5 – $8 project, which is so much cheaper than a purchased tree topper!

DIY Triforce Tree Topper tutorial via My Open Sketchbook

Would you enjoy having a Triforce tree topper? What kind of geeky topper would you like on your tree?



  • OMG this is the cutest.

    • Kay

      Thanks Sadie!! 🙂

  • Haha, you’re really going berserk with these DIY geeky tree ornaments – I love it!

    I’ll be skipping this one, though. I’ve never played Zelda. *hides in the corner of shame*

    • Kay

      Haha, no shame! Though I do HIGHLY recommend you play one. 😀 Twilight Princess was so good. Ocarina of Time is the classic, but is very dated nowadays. As for the DIYs…I actually made this tree topper LAST year, but I couldn’t share the tutorial because my blog transfer got all screwed up! So I’ve been sitting on this post for a year haha! Though I did take some updated tree photos for THIS year. 😀

  • Awesome!

    • Kay

      Thanks Lynn!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    From playing Legend of Zelda for 5 minutes, I still don’t know what the triforce is, but this is really cute.

    • Kay

      Ahahah, you will learn! 😀 I hope you’re enjoying it. And thank you!

  • Oooh, that looks SO COOL!! Mine would probably be the Deathly Hallows symbol if my boyfriend would let me get away with it!

    Katie |

    • Kay

      AH! That would be amazing! Life goal…have a separate entirely Harry Potter themed tree. One day!!

  • Jessica

    Can I just admit that it took me a minute or two to remember what the triforce is/was…which is ironic because I spent hours playing the Legend of Zelda when I was younger and/or listening to it being played. I think that the best DIY products are those that are budget-friendly, easy, and express a part or allow you to express a part of your personality. You should do a Christmas Tree tour post – I bet that there is a story about every item on there.

    • Kay

      Thank you! A Christmas tree tour…I love that idea!! I may have to do that for next year. Along with our geek ornaments, we have a lot of family ones on there too that have great stories. Awesome idea!

  • That looks so cool! I wish I had more geekiness on my tree but I’m obsessed with a red and gold traditional look. Though the kids are bringing home more handmade ornaments so it may be time to budge, or I can get another tree for my office that can be geeky and handmade lol.

    • Kay

      Thanks Cori! I love a traditional Christmas look too…in a perfect world I would totally have TWO trees so I could have one ultra-traditional, and one totally geeked out! I definitely vote for you getting an office tree! 😀

  • Danette Perez

    Ahhh love it! I might add that corrugated cardboard could do the trick instead of foam core if one wanted to be super-ulta cheap 😀

    • Kay

      True! Though I worry about it getting bendy in storage haha…even this one has a little wear-and-tear. 😀

  • I love it!

    • Kay

      Thanks Leah!

  • Ugh, so in love with this and with your geeky tree! Definitely something I’m going to keep in mind for next year<3

    • Kay

      Thank you Ashlee!

  • Gingi Edmonds Freeman

    OH. MY. GOSH!!!! You have no idea just how flipping epic this is!! (Well, maybe you do…) But holy smokes, this is SO going on Pinterest!!!!!! haha! <3 –

    • Kay

      Eeeee thanks!! ^_^


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