• DIY Dragon Eggs

      posted in Geekery, Life In General by Kay on March 24, 2016

      With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to share this tutorial for DIY Dragon Eggs! Backstory: I originally made these back in December for my daughter’s How To Train Your Dragon birthday party. However, because of the massive blog transfer issues, I never got to share all the pics and tutorials of stuff I had ready! So, I wanted to share this Dragon Egg tutorial now in case you want to spice up your Easter egg hunt this year. We certainly will be!

      DIY Dragon Eggs via myopensketchbook

      Firstly, I got the idea of making dragon eggs from Our Nerd Home. I had seen their post about DIY Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs and remembered it in December when I needed dragon eggs for the party. But being totally honest, their version just involved way too much time. Their method is perfectly fine, but I’m a lazy DIYer & I wanted to show you the very quick way I put these together! Along with a step by step on how to draw on the pattern so you can avoid any big mess-ups.

      You will need:

      • Plastic eggs, any size
      • Black Sharpies, regular tip (I only used one, but it’s good to have a backup in case you run out of ink.)
      • Gold & silver spray paint (see below for what I used!)

      spray paint

      I wanted shiny eggs, so I went with gold and silver, but really, you can make these any color you want!. This spray paint was actually the only brand that specifically stated it bonded to plastic, so that’s what I went with.

      Start by popping open all your eggs. If you have the connected kind, cut the plastic piece that connects them so you have two separate halves. Then, lay out all your plastic eggs on the surface you’ll be spraying them on, preferably outside…fumes, yuck. (Sidebar: I REALLY don’t recommend trying to do this on a windy day otherwise you’ll be chasing egg halves up and down your driveway…not that I know from experience.)

      Once they are all lined up, start spraying! This spray paint is excellent, and only require one coat. There were a few where a bit of the under color showed through (hardly noticeable) and I kind of liked the effect it gave. Let dry completely (I left mind outside for a few hours, then brought them in to sit overnight) pop them back together, grab your Sharpie, and it’s time to start drawing on the scales pattern.

      DIY Dragon Eggs pattern step 1

      Step 1: Start at the top of the egg, and draw a small diamond. I made mine around the small indented hole that was already there.

      DIY Dragon Eggs pattern step 2

      Step 2: Draw a rounded triangle along each flat side of the diamond.

      DIY Dragon Eggs pattern step 3

      Step 3: In between each of the rounded triangles you just made, create a new rounded triangle shape. Start your new sets slightly away from the tips of the previous scales; this will allow the tips of the triangles to stick down a bit and give the scales a layered look as it repeats.

      DIY Dragon Eggs pattern step 4

      Step 4: Repeat making rounded triangles in sets of four. They will naturally get wider as the egg gets wider, but you will always be adding new scales in sets of four. Keep that in mind when making them; it really helps you keep track of when you need to start a new row. Just count out, 1, 2, 3, 4, for each new triangle swoop you add, then move on to the next row.

      DIY Dragon Eggs pattern final

      Step 5: Continue until you get to the bottom (where the scales will start to get smaller again) and you’re all finished! Now, when you pop them open to fill with goodies, you will have to twist them to line up your Sharpie lines when you put them back together again. But honestly, even if you keep them not lined up, the scales still look fine on the whole from far away.

      DIY Dragon Eggs basket full

      Ta-da! A basket full of DIY Dragon Eggs! I made 50 of these for my daughter’s party and it only took me two nights of work; they go pretty quick once you get started!

      DIY Dragon Eggs via myopensketchbook

      I hope you enjoy some Dragon Egg fun this Easter – my kiddo will certainly enjoy having a few of these added in to her hunt!