• Currently in October 2017

      posted in Life In General by Kay on October 27, 2017

      Currently in October 2017  Currently in October 2017

      We have finally started watching Legion and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Aubrey Plaza gives me life. Fanart will be coming; I don’t care if I’m super late to the party. Speaking of late to the party, as in, I showed up years after the party ended, I’ve started watching Downton Abbey in the evenings and I am hooked. It’s just so damn charming. But it is really strange to see Dan Stevens as both David from Legion and Matthew from Downton during the week. I didn’t even realize he was in Downton Abbey so that was a weird coincidence. I definitely give him props for doing an excellent American accent in Legion; it changes his whole voice!

      Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop. I’m not very far in, but so far it’s quite good.

      Currently in October 2017

      I’ve just started a new podcast called Under A Rock. It features Mary Doodles introducing her friend Sarah Samuel to movies that Sarah should have most definitely seen by now in her adult life. For instance, the first episode is Jurassic Park. Sarah had never seen JURASSIC PARK. So far, my fave part of the podcast is having Sarah describe what she thinks the movies are about before watching them. Highly amusing. This podcast is quite new so I’m looking forward to more eps! I’m also still making my way through The Adventure Zone. I’ve only got a few episodes left and I am slow rolling them so hard because I don’t want it to end!

      Currently in October 2017

      I’ve left out this category for a few months and wanted to bring it back! Right now I’m in the middle of playing FFIX with my daughter. I hadn’t played it in years, and it’s her first exposure to it. A lot of the new Final Fantasy’s are still a little too adult for her in terms of both language and violence, but IX was such a throwback to old RPGs. It’s so nice to have a game to play that isn’t specifically a kids game, but is kid appropriate. I think we’re going to move on to FFVI after this and introduce her to good old 16-bit graphics!

      Currently in October 2017

      I’m currently finishing up my kiddo’s Moon Girl costume. I had to remake a lot from the first version since A: she grew a LOT in six months, and B: not everything in round one was accurate. I just have the pockets on her utility belt left to sew and it’s done! We’re hoping to do a photoshoot this weekend – I will absolutely be sharing here! As for art, I’ve got quite a few commissions at the moment, plus the last week of Inktober to tackle. And I’m beginning Christmas presents for people. Busy busy!

      I have a hard time describing how I’m feeling lately. Everything is fine with myself, my family, but there are financial things that I wish were different. And it has me questioning a lot of my decisions and my future with art as a career. Maybe once I figure things out I’ll post about it, but for now let’s just say ‘financially worried’ is an emotion and that’s what I’m feeling.

      For the holiday season. Between commissions + shop products + gifts, I’m busy on the art front. But aside from art I’m planning Christmas shopping + my kiddo’s 7th birthday. Thankfully we’ve already planned what we’re doing for my partner’s birthday this year so that’s one thing done!

      Rainy days. Photoshoots with my kiddo. Finally getting stickers made. My kiddo reading chapter books. Baking multiple times a week.