Currently May 2017

Accidentally skipped April, but here’s what my Currently May looks like!

Currently May - Sense8

Watching: Sense8. Season 2 just got added to Netflix and I am utterly addicted all over again. I have never in my life been more emotionally attached to TV characters before. Books, totally. But with TV and movies, I always have that back-of-the-mind thought that yes, these are actors. With Sense8 my brain is like NO. THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE AND I LOVE THEM. My brain is also only capable of speaking in shouty fan-girl capitals in regards to this show. If you haven’t watched it, do so, and fall in love.

Currently May - Eating Animals

Reading: Eating Animals by Jonathon Safran Foer. It is blowing my mind, and reinforcing my decision to go vegetarian by about 8000%. It presents both facts about the meat/factory farm industry as well as philosophical questions regarding human/animal relationships. I am adoring it, even though it is often depressing. The realities of animal welfare in the food industry are horrifying. If you’ve been considering a switch to vegetarianism, I highly recommend giving this a read.

Currently May - Jon Bellion

Listening: Jon Bellion. I kind of fell down a YouTube hole after hearing Walk Off The Earth’s cover of his song ‘All Time Low’. From there, I found the acoustic versions of his songs and down the rabbit hole I went. I definitely prefer his acoustic stuff, but many of his album versions are great too (particularly Woke the Fuck Up, Guillotine, and The Good In Me). His stuff is very different from my typical tastes, but I’m loving it. I got sucked into his behind the scenes making-of videos for many of his songs, and I’m really glad I watched them. It gives me a whole new respect for him as a musician. I’ll tack some videos below, give a listen if you like. Obviously in the case of Woke The Fuck Up, the lyrics are a bit NSWF.

Making: Art, as always. I’ve been doing a Guardians of the Galaxy/Mermaid mashup for #mermay on Instagram and it’s been the most hilarious fun. It’s been great to sketch out ‘original’ fanart (aka not using direct references). I’m also working on a pirate commission which is shaping up to me one of my most fave commissions yet. AND I’ve got my 2017 self portrait in the works! I try to a self portrait per year, and I definitely want one showing off my purple hair. On top of the art, I’m also making a costume for my kiddo! She has Super Hero Dress-Up Day at school and I’m putting together her costume. I’ll have a whole blog post just for that coming in a couple weeks!

Feeling: Motivated and confident. Ever since we got back from vacation, all things are on the up. I just FEEL good. For no good reason. I’m loving my artwork lately, regular yoga is renewing my body confidence, and life is pretty grand at the moment.

Planning: Hangout times with my bestie. She moved about an hour and a half away awhile back, so now we really only get to see each other once a month. Therefore, we plan out our weekends six months at time to make sure we get to hang! Friendship adulting win.

Currently May - GotGVol2

Loving: Sunshine. My veggie babies growing. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Completing a sketchbook. Arctic Fox Hair Color.


  • Mariah Kaercher

    Your vacation photos were heavenly! I am glad to hear you’re doing well. That animal book sounds really interesting.

    • Kay

      Thank you! I can’t recommend Eating Animals enough, but it is a hard read. As in, the info can be really hard to take in because a lot of it is so horrific. But I’m so glad to be reading it, and to be informed. In my opinion, learning more is never a bad thing. Informed decisions FTW.

  • I LOVE JON BELLION SO MUCH!! OMG I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE HIM ON YOUR POST! I was a big fan of his before All Time Low hit the radio waves (I was SO happy when it did, it’s his first single ever to make it on radio!) HE IS AMAZING. He is pure magic! lol Run Wild and Carry Your Throne (from his first album) are my absolute favorite. OMG IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW <3 <3

    • Kay

      AH YAY!!! He is such an incredibly skilled musician!! So happy I found his music!!!

  • I loved Eating Animals!!! I read that book in one sitting on its publication date and I’ve never eaten meat since. It was SO eye opening about the meat industry and I’ve been wanting to give it a re-read. And I’ve been loving your GotG mermaids! Especially Drax!

    • Kay

      Thanks!! I’m working on Nebula today and she may end up my new fave. 😀

      I really wish Eating Animals were required reading in high school. Not because I want the world to convert to vegetarianism (despite the benefits that would have) it’s more that I want people to KNOW the info, and THEN make an informed decision about what they eat. I’m basically forcing everyone I know to read it now.

  • I’m hoping they do more with the story of Sense 8….I don’t mind sex in the media but man it was just a lot in the show. I might give season 2 a chance but I’m really not too sure…..

    • Kay

      Understandable! I just love how much the characters connect with each other, and how they work together in situations. I’ve totally fallen for the show! 😀


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