Currently In March 2017

It’s been five months since I last did one of these posts! Geez! Sticking with my plan to make this place whatever I want, as well as more personal posts and less ‘content’, here is a chatty post about what I’m currently up to this month.

Currently in March 2017  The OA

Watching: My partner and I just finished up The OA, and while it was super strange I really enjoyed it. It’s certainly not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s also got it’s flaws (what doesn’t?) but overall, I was captivated by it.

Currently in March 2017  ACOL

Reading: A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab. Book 3 in the Darker Shade of Magic series. LOVING IT SO MUCH. Full review of the trilogy to come.

Currently in March 2017 HZD

Playing: Horizon Zero Dawn. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a gorgeous game, and the game play could not be more up my ally. Aloy is my stealth bow-sniper goddess. I’m also just about to beat FFXV but I’m putting it off as sadly, this game has gone really downhill in terms of it’s story and characters. Color me unimpressed.

Listening: A mix of podcasts and music. I stream music while I live stream my art on Twitch (more about this in Thursday’s post!) and on non-stream days I attempt to keep up with podcasts.

Making: Lots of art, as usual. I’ve started a Women I Admire series in my sketchbook. Once a week I sketch up a portrait of a lady I admire, be it someone I personally know, know from online, or a celebrity. I’m streaming these on Twitch, and really enjoying getting to be a bit more loose with them since this is a sketchbook series. I’m also continuing my Zodiac Portrait series with work on Scorpio, and doing some fanart in between just for fun! There’ll be a post soon with my latest artwork, I just haven’t put it together yet.

Feeling: Hmmm, back and forth between just fine and anxious. Most days are okay, but as our trip to Costa Rica creeps closer (just about ONE MONTH until we leave!) I am definitely getting hit with bouts of anxiety about the travel aspect. I haven’t traveled much in general, especially with my kiddo, and I’m a little stressed about it.

Currently in March 2017 hiking planning

Planning: Summer hiking trips. Last summer was a record low for hiking trips due to some personal things taking precedence in life, and I want to make up for it this year! I’m putting together some lists of trails in NH that I think my kiddo will be able to complete. Now if only the snow would disappear.

Loving: Warm temperatures. My best friend getting a new house. Streaming my art. Family weekends. Horizon Zero Dawn. A little break from commission work. My kiddo reading like a freaking champ. More hours of sunshine in the evening.

How has your March been?

  • My March is super busy and I’m a bit exhausted, but I started watching Downton Abbey (I was stuck at season 1) now that I have Netflix and I’m loving it 🙂

    • Kay

      I’ve heard so many good things about Downton Abbey, but I’ve yet to start it. I hope you get some time to relax in April at least! 🙂

  • I need to read A Gathering of Shadows and A Conjuring of Light! I’ve only read the first one and I definitely need to get to the next books immediately!! My brother watched The OA and said it was also weird but good!

    • Kay

      Ohhhh I hope you read them soon! SO GOOD!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    I need to check out your Twitch account! I would love to see your live streams of your art.

    • Kay

      Thanks! I’m still nailing down a schedule. I prefer streaming in the day since I can do it for longer chunks, but I’ll be doing at least one night stream per week!

  • I cannot wait to read A Conjuring of Light<3! I'm just not ready for the series to be over! The OA sounds interesting! I hadn't heard of it until yesterday. And I feel you on travel anxiety! My husband's brother is getting married in Alaska and I've literally been counting down the days (w/ a sense of dread) until I have to get on that flight since their engagement :-/

    • Kay

      Yes, I so get that! I am also counting down those days with dread. I mean, I’m SO EXCITED to be there, but the actual task of GETTING there can’t be done fast enough. I bet going to Alaska is going to be amazing though; it’s so beautiful out there!

  • Dan and I watched The OA a few months ago and I agree with you on all counts. Also, I couldn’t stop being distracted by the fact that Hap was Lucius Malfoy (and then I saw him in A Cure for Wellness a few weeks after we finished and I was like, HE’S EVERYWHERE. And then he was cast in Star Trek Discovery and I died lol).

    • Kay

      He really IS everywhere haha! I’ve seen him in SO many things it’s crazy. And I totally forgot he was Lucius haha!!! Amazing. I hope Season 2 of The OA holds up!

  • B.

    I really hope to get some hiking in this Spring/Summer. I really love being outdoors and it’s a great work out!

    • Kay

      So true! And it’s my fave kind of workout…the one where I forget I’m getting exercise and just enjoying what I’m doing haha.

  • Oooh you’re going to Costa Rica!! 🙂 Cool!!! I need to check those books soon 🙂 And, I’m glad you loved the OA 🙂

    • Kay

      It was wonderful! I hope season 2 is just as good! And yes, Costa Rica is coming right up! I’ll be blogging all about it for sure. 🙂

  • Emma

    The OA has been on my to watch list for a little while now, but every time I’m ready to watch something new, it gets pushed back – maybe I need to put it up the list a little bit. I’m also really keen to play Horizon Zero Dawn. It just looks so beautiful. And wow – Costa Rica. That will be an amazing trip. I hope you have a great time. Can’t wait to hear about what you get up to.

    • Kay

      Thanks Emma! The OA was actually even more weird then I was expecting, but in a way I really liked. I hope you do too if you give it a go! And I super recommend Horizon Zero Dawn; it’s loads of fun, and yes, definitely beautiful!

  • March is always a very tricky month for me with my mom passing just years ago. So it’s been kind of a down month be honest.

    You will love your vacation! Traveling with kids is both fun and stressful. I hope your daughter is the listening kind of kid! Even though my son clearly only listens to what he wants to hear our vacations with him are normally a lot of fun. Japan was fantastic but he hated all the walking. I think I wouldn’t even do more than a week and a half with a child after that you can start to notice they really miss their home routine. You are gonna love it and I’m sure you will all come back a little tanner. 🙂

    I was on board for OA until Prarie said what she was and then I struggled with the rest of the show much in the same way I struggled with Iron Fist. My husband talked me into it and I was hoping for a better twist, but of course that’s a fault of my own I’m not spiritual either so I was left feeling less than impressed.

    • Kay

      I am definitely excited for the vacation, but I am really looking forward for that travel day to be OVER haha. But I’m sure my kiddo will do fine. She listens pretty well, so I’m not anticipating anything too rough. Plus, I’m packing lots for her to do to avoid the ‘I’M BOREDS’ that often come with little kiddos haha.

      As someone who also isn’t that spiritual, I too was a little thrown off guard by the ‘reveal’ of what Prairie is. But, I personally don’t think she really is that. I think that’s what SHE thinks, if that makes sense, but I choose to take it as she’s just an extraordinary human who has learned to travel back. Almost like a (really weird) super power you know? That was just my take on it. 🙂

      I don’t think we’re even going to bother with Iron Fist. Neither of us has read the comics or really know/care about the character, and our good friend tried it and was less than impressed. Since we tend to have the same tastes in shows, we’ll probably skip out on this one!

      • Ahhh that’s a pretty cool interpretation of Prairie and I really hope you are right!

        I would say just watch the Dave Chapelle special instead of watching Iron Fist haha!

  • Kristina D

    March has been up and down so far for me but we have a week of 50+ degree weather coming up so it’ll help my mood. I loved A Darker Shade of Magic but had trouble getting into book 2, hoping it was just the wrong time to be reading it.

    • Kay

      Actually, I had the same thing! It took me a few chapters to really be into it, but I got there. I hope you end up enjoying it! Loving book 3 so far.


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