Currently in June 2016

Watching: I have been watching absolutely nothing on my own, but the hubs and I are actually getting caught up on the shows we watch together! This is a miracle as we are generally terrible about sitting down to watch TV together. We just finished up Season 3 of Orphan Black. It was a weird season, what with (spoiler alert!) the Castor boys and all, and finding the original with her being linked to S? I don’t know, that was…odd to say the least. But I still liked it, and am excited for Season 4. We are also watching Game of Thrones; it’s nice to finally see things past the books! Still loving it. Oh, and I CAN’T WAIT to start Season 3 of Peaky Blinders, but I’m forcing myself to finish the commission project I have first since I know I’ll want to binge it.

Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory

Reading: Operation Mincemeat by Ben Macintyre. It’s a true story about a mission in WWII to feed the Germans false information that helped the Allies secure victory over the Nazis. I like it, but it’s really dry. I mean, the information itself is fascinating, but it’s not a very exciting read, if that makes sense. It’s not quite like reading a textbook, but it doesn’t have a super compelling narrative.

Listening: Podcasts! Lately they’ve been my jam while working on art. Check out my faves in this past week’s 5 Fandom Friday post!

Making: Commission work. I am actually beyond frustrated with this current commission, and a lot of that is my own fault. Suffice to say, it has turned in to WAY more work than it was supposed to be, or should have been, and not only am I not getting paid enough, but this client keeps asking for change after change and it’s taking forever. I am so ready to be done. (/rant) Other than that, I am trying to find time to work on personal art projects, but about 90% of my free time is going to this commission.

Feeling: A bit overwhelmed. Not in a super anxious way, just in an I-wish-there-was-more-time-in-the-day way. I constantly feel like I’m behind on things despite being productive every day. I think once this commission project is over that will ease up, however. Also, feeling quite proud as I’ve been running again and it feels great!

Boston Museum of Science

Planning: Tentative trips. The hubs and I have chatted about plans to take a trip, but we don’t know if he can get time off from work this year so it may not be until next year that we end up getting away for a bit. But we’re thinking maybe a weekend in Boston could be doable, as we definitely want to take the miss to the Boston Museum of Science this summer.

Loving: Fresh picked strawberries from the garden. Beach weather. Planting the second round of garden veggies. Ice cream. Neighborhood cats enjoying the giant catnip plant in our front flower bed. New Funko POPs. Family time. Running in the morning.

I use the Currently prompts from rukristen’s awesome Currently Posts-Its – find them here! Not an affiliate link, just sharing some indie love!

What has your June looked like so far?

  • I caught up almost with all the TV shows I was watching and now I’m super ready for the premiere of Pretty Little Liars! I’m sorry for your commission work, but I hope you’ll be able to enjoy your free time soon!

    • Kay

      Thanks, Alice! Most of the commission woes are my own fault…still kind of learning the whole freelance process. Yay for being caught up with TV! 😀

  • B.

    If someone keeps changing their requests, you should charge them for the time. If you feel it’s too late to do that now, make a note of it in your shop for the future. I know every creative purchase I’ve made has always had a little note saying that small changes/limited are fine, but anything large/multiple, I’d be charged. Which makes sense to me!

    • Kay

      Yup, it’s completely true, and most of my woes with this commission are entirely my own fault! Definitely making many a mental note of things for the future as I learn to navigate freelance stuff!

  • Yay for running! *highfive *
    Also sorry to hear about your commission trouble, that’s like my doom scenario. *hugs*

    • Kay

      Thanks Rav! 😀
      And I think I’m most annoyed about the commission situation is because it’s mostly my fault. I’m still learning to navigate freelance work!

      • Well, you know what they say “the only way to learn is to make mistakes”, which may have some truth to it. You’ll get through this (super annoyed) and then find a good solution. I think it’s courageous of you to just dive into this adventure and go for it. Keep it up! And I’d love to read a post about your experiences with commissions one day. *cute princess eyes*

        • Kay

          Aw, thanks lovely! It’ll definitely be a topic that I’ll chat about a lot here on the blog. 🙂

  • Firstly, OH HELL NO. If a client is making changes that weren’t agreed on in the original pricing, you should charge extra for the extra time spent! Geez person, figure out what you want and be considerate of the artist’s time, am I right? 😛 I’m sorry you’re feeling overwhelmed, that totally sucks. Secondly, that strawberry looks delicious! Fresh homegrown fruits and veggies always taste better, I think. And congrats on running again! I keep wanting to get back into a consistent routine, but it’s just too dang hot for daily runs right now!

    • Kay

      As much as I hate getting up early, I do love running in the morning and avoiding the heat. 😀 And what you said about the commission – YES. I will definitely be adding clauses and such in the future. So much of my annoyance with this project is stuff that is MY OWN fault, as I’m still learning to navigate freelance work. I should have been a lot clearer about some things, and I wasn’t, and now I’m paying for it. Live and learn though!

  • Desiree

    I def feel like there’s not enough time. Sorry your client keeps changing their mind. I can only imagine how frustrating that can be. Yay for strawberries!

  • I have never been to the Boston Museum of Science, but I’d love to go. I LOVE science museums. If you ever get to Portland, OR, I think y’all would love OMSI.

    • Kay

      We are thinking about taking a trip out there next year!! I’ll add that to my list for sure. I really want to hike and go and see the redwood forests out there in and in Northern California; not only would I love it, I think my little would flip out at seeing such giant trees. 😀

      • Yes! I highly recommend the whole of the Pacific Northwest. 😉

  • I used to do logo design, WordPress installs and blog setups. I still occasionally do graphic work for bloggers and companies. I actually get very little enjoyment out of it because of the type of people I always seem to end up working with.

    After dozens of problems with unrealistic customers, I made a very important decision: The money isn’t always worth my time and effort. If someone is looking to hire me, they need to accept that they are doing so not just for my abilities, but for my time and especially my expertise. Hiring me means you like my style and you want me to create for you using my own eye, style, and habits. To repeatedly ask me to make changes, however small… means you do not respect me as a professional. To waste my time and not wanting to pay me for the many hours I have spent re-working graphics means that you don’t respect me as a hard working human being.

    Now when I do graphics, I question customers to death. I want a very clear understanding of what they are expecting. They are quoted a price to include X amount of graphics and X amount of “small changes” to include things like re-working a font choice or size, small adjustments to placements, etc. After that, they have the option to accept the project as is, or to start paying more money for changes.

    • Kay

      Yes, yes, yes! A lot of this current commission frustration is my own fault. I’m still quite new at freelancing, and this is most definitely the biggest project I’ve ever taken on. I should have been clearer about some things, and I wasn’t, but live and learn right? On the other hand, there is a lot that ISN’T my fault and is obnoxious. I don’t really want to rant about it on such a public forum, but feel free to PM me on Facebook and I’ll spill the deets! Basically, this project has taught me a lot, which I guess is a good thing, but unfortunately it’s making it a bit of a rough time.

  • gamerwife

    We’re also exploring a weekend in Boston at some point this summer, depending on whether Rick gets sent to Chicago or not. I’ve heard some great retellings of operation Mincemeat, too bad the book is so dryl.

    • Kay

      Ah fun! Anything particular in Boston you guys were thinking of checking out?

      • gamerwife

        Not really. I’ve been a few times for PAX, bit Rick’s never been. Mostly we just want to eat lobster rolls and look at old things.

        • Kay

          Definitely sounds like Boston is a good choice then. 😀

  • Danielle Knapp

    I’m loving GoT this season too and hooray for strawberries. So with you on not enough hours of the day <3

    • Kay

      Why do we need sleep?! I could get so much more done!

  • We should chat more over messenger! WOOOOWEEE girl!
    Also, GOT. People I feel like don’t get my sunday tradition at this point unless they watch it too.
    PS: I think we’re on the same season of Orphan Black YAY!

    • Kay

      Yes, definitely need more messenger chats!! Originally the hubs and I were waiting until Monday to watch GoT since I do blog work on Sunday usually, and that quickly died. I NEED MY GoT PEOPLE. Sunday or bust!!
      What do you think of Orphan Black, and this season? This show is so weird, but in THE BEST ways. Also, Felix is one of the most beautiful human beings ever…I just want to draw his face a lot. Is that weird?! 😀

      • right!? how do you avoid spoilers? watch on sunday hahah.
        i think the turn to season 3 lost me a little, especially with the boy clones… idk. it got very dark (sexually) fast so i got a little sad about the tone changing. i still want to watch it bc i love it. ALSO FELIX IS SO PRETTY PLEASE DRAW HIM. Can we do orphan black fan art plz?

        • Kay

          Season 3 is def my least fave so far, but I still love all the (girl) clones! Helena…I just love her. Castor boys…not so much. And please, yes let’s draw fanart!!!!

  • Sorry the commission is going your way. That really sucks! Hopefully it all ends up okay! Ooooh those strawberries look delish! I wish I had a backyard for a garden!

    • Kay

      Thanks! Should be done the commission by the end of the weekend so that’ll be a load off!

  • June has been hell to say the least. I’m happy it is over and I have more time to concentrate on my final two courses. Cause I just don’t have it in me to do anymore school after this.

    • Kay

      I’m sorry to hear it Dina! I hope you can find some stress relief once the last two classes are finished.

  • That is awesome that you are running in the morning! I really suck at exercising and I try my best to work or when I get home from work but I would like to work out as soon as I wake up… But that probably won’t happen haha but I need to at least try.

    That sounds really annoying about the client wanting a lot of changes. I used to work at a newspaper making add and I had clients there that would make sooo many changes… It was SO annoying! Lol and you can’t even tell them “OMG STOP IT YOU ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS!” You gotta smile and just say “ok” 😫

    • Kay

      Pretty much! But I did learn a lot, mainly what I need to do differently next time. And exercise is kind of the worst. I really enjoy yoga, but that’s about the only exercise I like. The rest I do because I know it’s good for me. Woohoo adulting!


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