Currently in September 2016

Watching: Absolutely nothing. Which is not an exaggeration. I have not watched a TV show in weeks! We just bought a PS4 at the end of August, therefore no TV for me, just video games. Even worse, Netflix just updated so many shows so I am now ever further behind! Maybe someday I’ll be caught up on shows. I’m doubting it.

Currently In September - Playing

Playing: I actually just beat Deus Ex: Mankind Divided two nights ago. And I am so full of feels. First of all, I can never have enough Adam Jensen. Like, it’s probably unhealthy how attached I am to this fictional character. Plus, he’s just so damn attractive. And even though he’s incredibly augmented, to the point that he’s basically a cyborg at this point, that only makes him more attractive to me. I must draw him.

Moving on, right, the game. Honestly, the game play was amazing. It got rid of every problem that Human Revolution had and allowed you to play it how you wanted whether that was run-and-gun or sneak everywhere. (I personally sneak everywhere and play non-lethal. Crawling through vents is my happy place.) But in terms of plot and story, I am hugely let down. The story setup itself was great. As per usual in the Deus Ex world, there is a lot of government conspiracy and questions. I love that. I love playing through and finding clues and answers to the big questions.

But the problem is, in this game, NONE of those questions were answered. I mean, by the end of the game, you had basically no answer to ANY of the original plot questions, and about 7000 new questions thanks to info you discover along the way. I feel like, story-wise, nothing happened in this game. Like it was all a setup to whatever is coming next. I was truly shocked when the game ended, because it didn’t feel like an ending at all. And that was really unfortunate. (Sidebar: since I just ranted about this for a giant paragraph, would anyone be interested in game reviews? I’m considering writing them now that I’ve delved back into the gaming world.)

TL:DR – this game was excellent fun with amazing game play, but the lack of answers regarding the plot leaves you wanting hugely.

Currently In September - Reading

Reading: The entire Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Claire. I read Books 1 -5 years ago, and never read the final book when it came out. So I’m doing a full re-read and finally finishing the damn series! Honestly, to me, this is the best of the best in YA fluff. I know they aren’t great, but they are so damn enjoyable. Full review of the series to come!

Currently In September - Listening

Listening: My latest musical obsession is Electro Swing. I fucking LOVE it. It’s been my go-to soundtrack for art sessions each day. It both keeps me focused and keeps me motivated which is a brilliant combination. My Caravan Palace Pandora station has been getting all the love lately. Curious about it? Check out a few of my faves below:


Making: ALL THE ART. But for real. Due to life as a freelancer being in full swing, I spent about 60% of my day making art. It’s amazing. I’m also gathering everything for our family Halloween costume this year.

Feeling: Peaceful. Which is amazing. Between so much personal mending within my relationship, making art every day, and daily yoga, I feel like my mental health is at an absolute high. I’m basking in it, and also kind of sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Currently In September - Planning

Planning: My kiddo’s birthday party! She has fantastically requested a Pokemon themed birthday bash, and I’m pretty pumped about it. I’ve started a Pinterest board and, of course, have many notebook pages dedicated to ideas of things to make and games to play.

Loving: Making art every day. How much my child loves school. Cool fall days. Leaves crunching under my feet. All the sweaters. Feeling at peace. Baking with my little. Burning all my fall candles and wax melts. My new pair of boots.

What has your September looked like?



  • A Pokemon themed birthday party sounds amazing!!!

    • Kay

      I’m so excited to plan it out haha!

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  • My September was a little mess among university exams and other 2 weeks away from home for work, I returned yesterday and now I’m ready for my routine and my favorite month 🙂

    • Kay

      I bet it will feel so great to get back into your normal routine!


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