• Currently in September 2017

      posted in Life In General by Kay on September 26, 2017

      Just an update post for you on what life is like currently in September. I’ve been mulling over content here on the blog (which is basically a permanent state of thought!). After taking a couple weeks to settle back into the school/work routine, I’m ready to start posting again on what will hopefully be a regular basis!

      currently in september - baby driver

      Watching: Honestly, not much. My partner and I just finished GLOW which was enjoyable but not amazing. We also watched Baby Driver over the weekend and that WAS amazing. It was completely not what I was expecting in such a good way. Definitely recommend! Pretty sure our plan is start Legion next.

      currently in september - reading

      Reading: I’m currently making my way through This Book is Full of Spiders by David Wong. It’s the Sequel to John Dies at the End. Both are incredibly weird. As in, probably the strangest books I’ve ever read in terms of events that happen, but I am thoroughly enjoying them.

      currently in september - listening

      Listening: Nothing new really! I’ve been keeping up with my regular podcasts (post coming soon on my faves!) and bouncing between my Pandora stations when I feel like having music instead. Lately I’ve been very into my piano station and my video game station.

      Making: Legitimately all the art. I have a huge list of projects right now, which is awesome! Check out this public Patreon post for a full list of what I’ve got in the works! I’m also working on my kiddos Moon Girl costume for Halloween. Back in April, I whipped up this Moon Girl costume for her to wear on Superhero Day at school. But, she has outgrown the headpiece and the belt needs redoing to be more accurate. I’m excited to get it finished and have a photoshoot! You guys will definitely be seeing that.

      Feeling: Good, but apprehensive? Lately I feel like I’ve been both super organized and super on top of work and deadlines. I’ve kept mom life, work life, and personal life all in balance for over a month. Which is awesome! But I realized I tend to live in a permanent state of ‘when will the other shoe drop?’ Like things are so good, they can’t possibly STAY this good. Clearly I’ve forgotten something massive, right? So while I feel fantastic and proud of myself, I still have this permanent feeling of WHERE HAVE I SCREWED UP.

      Planning: The rest of my year! I have so many plans for my art shop, plus a special holiday sale project I’ll be announcing soon. As for real life plans I’m already starting to plan out the craziness that is December. For those who may not know, my partner’s birthday, daughter’s birthday, and Christmas are all each a week apart. So December is a madhouse of parties, friends, family, and fun. Which is great! But if I don’t plan ahead it’s incredibly overwhelming, so I start now.

      currently in september - loving

      Loving: Playing piano again. Crunching leaves when I take walks. Yoga. Being organized.

      What does your Currently in September look like?