• Currently in March 2016

      posted in Life In General by Kay on March 25, 2016

      currently in march - arrow

      Watching: Arrow.  I watch this on Netflix, and I’m almost done season 3. Sigh. Arrow/Oliver is driving me NUTS this season. I love all the other characters, but I feel like Oliver is king of bad decisions in Season 3. It’s infuriating, especially since he leads the show. Other than Oliver’s crappy decision making skills, there is so much else that I’m not liking about this season. I won’t get into all of it here, or I’ll end up ranting for ages haha. In spite of not loving a lot of it, this season has made me love Felicity even more. I often feel like she’s the only one with a good sense of reason and willing to stand up to Oliver. (Also, unpopular opinion – I so do not ship Oliver and Felicity. Ugh. I want her to be with Ray forever, they are perfect together.)  Anywho, despite not really loving this current season, it is making me want to sketch up Arrow fanart like no tomorrow.

      currently in march - cress

      Reading: Making my way through Cress by Marissa Meyer. It’s….enjoyable. I’m liking it. I’m happy to see where Cinder’s story is going. But I don’t feel it’s anything to write home about. A full review will be up in early April. This has definitely been a slow reading month for me!

      Listening: Not much lately! I’m behind on podcasts (again) and lately I haven’t had much music on in the background during the day. I started running again this month though, so my running playlist is getting a lot of love. It needs to be updated!

      Making: Sketches. I’ve been steadily working on art this month, but I took this last week to have a bit of a ‘work’ break. I’ve still sketching and working on concepts, but I don’t currently have a dedicated project. Feels kind of nice to give myself a break since I’ve been on GO-GO-GO mode this year.

      Feeling: A bit anxious. The art shop opening is coming so soon, and I’m still worried about lack of content for it. But most of it is just negative self-talk and I’m pretty good at telling my brain to shut up.

      Planning: My next portrait series. I have an idea in my head, and now I need to work on getting it to paper. Which for me involves poring over different references for information, and doing some research. Plus sketching, as I mentioned.


      Loving: That it’s almost time for spring weather! I can’t wait to start my seeds for garden, and get outside more often without being freezing. We got a bit of snow twice this week and it’s currently icing outside this morning, but this weekend it’s supposed to warm up a bit and I can’t wait!

      I use the Currently prompts from rukristen‘s awesome Currently Posts-Its – find them here! Not an affiliate link, just sharing some indie love!

      What would your ‘Currently in March’ list look like?