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currently in march - arrow

Watching: Arrow.  I watch this on Netflix, and I’m almost done season 3. Sigh. Arrow/Oliver is driving me NUTS this season. I love all the other characters, but I feel like Oliver is king of bad decisions in Season 3. It’s infuriating, especially since he leads the show. Other than Oliver’s crappy decision making skills, there is so much else that I’m not liking about this season. I won’t get into all of it here, or I’ll end up ranting for ages haha. In spite of not loving a lot of it, this season has made me love Felicity even more. I often feel like she’s the only one with a good sense of reason and willing to stand up to Oliver. (Also, unpopular opinion – I so do not ship Oliver and Felicity. Ugh. I want her to be with Ray forever, they are perfect together.)  Anywho, despite not really loving this current season, it is making me want to sketch up Arrow fanart like no tomorrow.

currently in march - cress

Reading: Making my way through Cress by Marissa Meyer. It’s….enjoyable. I’m liking it. I’m happy to see where Cinder’s story is going. But I don’t feel it’s anything to write home about. A full review will be up in early April. This has definitely been a slow reading month for me!

Listening: Not much lately! I’m behind on podcasts (again) and lately I haven’t had much music on in the background during the day. I started running again this month though, so my running playlist is getting a lot of love. It needs to be updated!

Making: Sketches. I’ve been steadily working on art this month, but I took this last week to have a bit of a ‘work’ break. I’ve still sketching and working on concepts, but I don’t currently have a dedicated project. Feels kind of nice to give myself a break since I’ve been on GO-GO-GO mode this year.

Feeling: A bit anxious. The art shop opening is coming so soon, and I’m still worried about lack of content for it. But most of it is just negative self-talk and I’m pretty good at telling my brain to shut up.

Planning: My next portrait series. I have an idea in my head, and now I need to work on getting it to paper. Which for me involves poring over different references for information, and doing some research. Plus sketching, as I mentioned.


Loving: That it’s almost time for spring weather! I can’t wait to start my seeds for garden, and get outside more often without being freezing. We got a bit of snow twice this week and it’s currently icing outside this morning, but this weekend it’s supposed to warm up a bit and I can’t wait!

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What would your ‘Currently in March’ list look like?


  • I’m watching season 4 of Arrow and I’m bored. I stopped liking the show during the third season and now I don’t even know why I’m continuing it!

    • Kay

      That’s the point the hubs and I are getting to. We put aside so little time for TV together, and we’re both like, why are we using it to watch this?!

  • Ari Carr

    I used to love Arrow, but the cheesiness put me off so much. I don’t think Ollie & Felicity are good together either!

    • Kay

      I just can’t handle the dumb stuff Ollie does on a regular basis. He drives me nuts. I’d much rather watch this show WITHOUT him haha, and just have Arsenal, Black Canary, Diggle, and Felicity running the show.

  • B.

    I’ve stopped watching Arrow. I kinda feel bad about it but at the same time I don’t. Season 3 was just…ugh and I wasn’t able to shake it. Plus there’s just too much to watch to stay stuck on something meh.

    • Kay

      If we aren’t immediately sucked into S4 when it’s up we are done too. 100% agree with your last sentence…with so much to watch I just can’t dedicate time to shows I feel so ‘meh’ about.

  • First of all – DANG GURRRRL you got them drawing skills!
    Second, Arrow… yep. Pretty much feelin’ the same about it as everyone else. It’s soooo cheesy. I mean superhero worlds can be over the top without being hard to watch, but Arrow just kills me a little at this point. I think the breaking point for me was whenever Sara Lance (i think that’s her name) became a big part of the show. I just couldn’t stand the acting of the girl who played her.
    I’ve finished Cinder but haven’t moved on to the other books yet. Are they less interesting than Cinder? or about the same for you?

    • Kay

      Aw, thanks Hannah! <3

      I agree, I totally never liked Sarah!! I liked Black Canary as a character, but not when wasn't in the mask kicking ass haha.
      So far, the other two books I've read are certainly not as good as Cinder. Scarlet, (book 2) drove me nuts a bit, and Cress is okay. I liked it, but there are just too many characters now, and I still really only care about Cinder Kai, and Iko. Everybody else is a big pile of 'meh'.


    • Kay

      Oh yay I’m so glad it arrived safely!! And that you love it of course. 😀 <3

  • It’s funny, it’s spring and a cold front came thru Florida! so frustrating! I hate the cold! Can’t wait for it to warm up a little bit. Spring is my favorite season in Florida! Also, I watched a few episodes of Arrow but fell way behind. i definitely want to watch it all on Netflix. it’s a slow month for me too with reading, I am slacking! Hopefully I can finish the book I’ve been on for the past three weeks! -_-

    • Kay

      Ugh, hope it warms up for you soon! And I’m with you on reading – such a slow month for me. I go up and down month to month, and this was definitely a slow reading month!

  • Danielle Knapp

    I’m really enjoying seeing all of your sketches 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks Danielle! <3

  • I feel the same way about the Lunar Chronicles. They’re good fun to read, but obviously not the best books on the planet. I just bought Winter because I just can’t stand not knowing what happens in a story. Haha

    Xx Amanda

    • Kay

      I agree! I want to read Winter because I do want to know how it all plays out.

  • I liked the Lunar Chronicles but LOVED the Trylle series and Kanin Chronicles by Amanda Hocking – so you might want to give them a try. Trylle is definitely the best out of the three.

    • Kay

      I’ll add them to my list right now, thanks for the recommendations!

      • No problem!!!

      • Oh and the Kanin is set a few years after the Trylle – so read the Trylle first 🙂

  • Emma

    Ergh – I know what you mean with regards to Arrow. I’ve just kind of given up now. I actually think Oliver’s kind of a jerk, and why is there a need for so many archers in one team. Also, Ray and Felicity forever!

    • Emma

      Oh, and that Leeloo sketch <3 so much love!! Not sure how I missed that on Instagram

      • Kay

        Ha, no worries, glad you like it! And I’m not sure we’re going to bother with Season 4 of Arrow when it comes to Netflix. Though I still completely adore Felicity as a character (despite her being with Ollie, ugh).

  • I don’t like Arrow. I’ve given it my four episode test and I even watched the whole first and 2nd season and I had to call it. I have to say I’m up to my ears in books and I need to hurry up and finish reading them haha! I have had no time.

    • Kay

      We finished up Season 3 of Arrow and I am SO NOT HAPPY lol. Not sure we’ll continue with season 4. But no matter how much the show bugs me, I will always love Felicity. She is the best! 😀 And I feel you on reading…I have so many books stacked in my TBR and am so behind on reading this month!

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