• Currently: February 2016

      posted in Life In General by Kay on February 19, 2016

      Currently is one of those series I meant to start up again in January and it entirely fell through the cracks. I really like sharing my Currently list for two reasons: 1. It covers things I don’t often write whole posts about (like TV shows and music) which can often open lovely conversations in the comments (feel free to fangirl or disagree about anything with me at anytime. I love discussing stuff!) and 2. I love reading other people’s Currently lists, so I figure people might enjoy mine as well! And if not, well, carry on then. 🙂

      Watching: Peaky Blinders and I am obssessed. The hubs and I are almost through, and this show has solidified Cillian Murphy as one of my favorite actors. I’ve liked him in everything I’ve ever seen him in, and he is utterly captivating as Thomas Shelby. Bonus: all the Irish accents.

      Reading: As my little widget on the sidebar there will tell you, I’m in the midst of Red Rising. It’s a re-read, but my neighbor has lent me the second book in the series and I wanted to read the whole thing fresh. I’m still loving it. A full review will be happening.

      Listening: Lake Street Dive has a new album coming out today (I’ve had it pre-ordered for months and am SO EXCITED) and I’m obsessed with the song above. So bluesy and delicious. Also, Walk Off The Earth’s latest album is still great, and I really enjoy their latest video for their song Hold On (The Break) and also their cover of Hello by Adele. It features KRNFX (aka Terry Im), who I think may be the most incredible beat boxer I’ve ever heard.

      Hair study in progress. It’s been awhile with my graphite pencils.

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      Making: Art. All the time. And loving it. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see my latest WIPs, which currently consist of some hair studies and the start of a new portrait series I’m quite excited about. Plus some Deadpool fanart which will be debuting on the blog soon. Also, I sense some Peaky Blinders art in my future…I’m so addicted.

      Feeling: Actually, freaking amazing. On Valentine’s Day we went out to brunch with three other couples, one of whom I’d never met. This is a big deal for me as meeting new people is not my forte, plus I have serious anxiety about food and specifically, eating in restaurants. However, the day was a complete success. I had a great time, and (thanks to mental prep + box breathing) even managed to eat some food. It was a really proud day for anxiety conquering!

      Planning: Imaginary hiking trips to far away lands. One day, we will have money to travel!

      Loving: The mild winter New Hampshire is having. We’ve had some snow, and a couple rounds of brutally cold weather, but in comparison to other years this one has been a piece of cake. Love it!

      I use the Currently prompts from rukristen‘s awesome Currently Posts-Its – find them here! Not an affiliate link, just sharing some indie love!

      What does your Currently list look like?