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My April Currently post is definitely running a bit late, but better late than never!

Watching: Daredevil Season 2. Mini- rant ahead. Feel free to discuss in the comments with me!
We just finished season 2 and I am torn. I loved The Punisher. His story, his character, all of it. I loved the ending he had with Karen. Excellent. But, I absolutely couldn’t stand Elektra. I have zero knowledge of her character in the comics, but she drove me nuts on the show. It wasn’t her personality that bothered me so much, but the fact that I hated Matt when he was around her.  I felt like the second she was around, he basically threw everything to the wind despite knowing better, and went around with her anyway. In fact, there is actually a scene where he has the audacity to say that she is messing things up for the most important people in his life while he is right then blowing them off on a hugely importantly case to be doing shit with her. HELLO MATT. This is YOUR choice to be there, not hers. I didn’t like Elektra’s character (and I don’t think she is supposed to be likable) but I was even more annoyed that Matt kept blaming her for his own shitty choices. And I don’t really enjoy starting to hate the main character of a show.
Beyond that, I really didn’t like The Hand, and the big reveal involving Elektra. It just doesn’t seem thought out. In fact, they didn’t even explain WHAT the ‘Black Sky’ even is, or how it relates to their plan. Overall, I really wasn’t too impressed with Daredevil’s actual story line this season. Though the fight scenes continue to impress.
TL;DR: Enjoyable, but not nearly as good as Season 1.
Punisher = YAY! Elektra = BOO.

Reading: The 5th Wave. It’s been on my list to read for ages and I found it on sale for $5 at Target so I snagged it. I found it incredibly predictable, but still enjoyable. Full review coming soon.

Listening: Mainly Podcasts and my Creative Juice Pandora channel (mostly piano music.) I’m always so behind on Podcasts, but I’m working on staying caught up. I’m thinking about doing a post about my faves in the future.

Making: Progress on some personal art projects now that all my current commission work is finished.

Feeling: Like I need to find a routine for exercise. I’d eventually like to get myself on some kind of schedule for when I work out as opposed to my current system of ‘fit something in when I have time, if I have time’.

Planning: The future of my blog. That sounds so intense when you put it like that! In reality, nothing too intense at all. I’d like to make some changes around here both in layout and content, but nothing in the near future. I’m still just in the thinking stages about it.

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Loving: Being outdoors. Other than a chilly Tuesday this week, we’ve had weather consistently in the 60s and higher for a couple weeks now. It’s been so nice fitting in hiking trips throughout the week and just spending afternoons outside in the yard. We just recently bought a fire pit for the backyard and I can’t wait to spend our evenings in some camp chairs relaxing around the fire. Simple pleasures!

I use the Currently prompts from rukristen‘s awesome Currently Posts-Its – find them here! Not an affiliate link, just sharing some indie love!

What has your April looked like?


  • B.

    I loved Season 2! I liked Elektra because she did cause issues for Matt. I think he has to be challenged in different ways than say, Iron Man or Cap. His issues are more personal. I did find The Hand thing a bit odd though but Punisher was AMAZING. But I’d be happy if Karen vanished LOL

    • Kay

      I was so up and down with Karen! I was not a fan of Matt + Karen, so I’m glad that died (for now). Also, I so don’t get her just working these random ass jobs. I cannot fathom she would have been allowed in the courtroom or working so closely with Frank Castle with absolute ZERO legal experience. I get that she is their assistant/secretary, but I’m pretty sure that would not have been allowed from a legal standpoint. And now she’s randomly a reporter?! I like her as a character, but she seems to not really have a place currently.

  • I’m still working on Daredevil I have to watch it slowly cause the hubby wants to see it too. This last month has been a tail spin to say the least. I’m ready for May!

    • Kay

      Same here! I feel like these past two weeks went by so fast and I just feel behind on everything. Bring on May!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    I totally 100% agree with you on Daredevil. The first part of season 2 was fantastic, but then it just went downhill from there. I was so disappointed.

    • Kay

      Glad I’m not alone! I so, so wish they had separated Punisher’s & Elektra’s storylines into two different seasons. I think it would have been so much better.

  • YASSSSSSSS! While I really enjoyed this season of Daredevil, I had the same issues with Elektra and Matt. It’s almost like he reverted to a teenager who doesn’t know any better and I understand that he knew her when he was younger, but still. He’s not that young man anymore. I think I like season one better. This season had too much going on at times.

    • Kay

      Completely agreed! I really wish they had separated The Punisher and Elektra into two seasons. And I agree that he absolutely reverted and it was so frustrating. I mean, I get that you two had a serious thing, but I feel like he has grown so much since then that for him to just fall back into it with her was so annoying.

  • I’d love to read a post of your favorite podcasts! I have a few here and there that I enjoy, but I’ve been really wanting to branch out and listen to others and I just don’t know where to start! And I can definitely relate to wanting some sort of exercise routine. The hubby and I are very much ‘we’ll work out if we have time’ people, so I think having a dedicated schedule would really help!

    • Kay

      I don’t listen to TOO many, simply for lack of time, but I’ll definitely share the ones I enjoy! And if I come with a workout schedule, I’ll definitely share that too. All too often ‘work out if I have time’ can turn into a week or more without a workout!

  • Danielle Knapp

    I didn’t love who Matt became around Elektra either. I actually sort of liked her, but separate from her friendship/relationship with Matt. I enjoyed this season more because it felt more action packed, but Matt and Foggy and the falling apart of Nelson Murdock broke my heart.

    • Kay

      SAME. I felt like giving Foggy a hug pretty much every episode since he constantly got the short end of the stick with Matt being a jerk for most of it.

  • Ugh I am sooo conflicted on Elektra. Like I thought she was a huge bitch so it’s like, GO AWAY. But on the other hand I feel like Matt always had things a lil too easy, so it was kind of refreshing seeing him actually have to deal with problems.

    • Kay

      That is true. But ugh I just wanted to punch him most of this season haha! I wanted to give Foggy a hug like every episode because Matt was being such a jerk!

      • I love Foggy! First season I found him a little annoying, but now he’s one of my favs. Now Karen is the most annoying one 😛

        • Kay

          Agreed. I like here character but I felt like she had no place this season. Just randomly jumping from job to job and role to role…I wasn’t too into that.

  • gamerwife

    I definitely think you’re supposed to dislike Elektra, and Matt when he’s with Elektra. He’s a complicated dude and while some of his senses are heightened, he’s notoriously shit at choosing women to be with and Elektra is the granddaddy of them all. I enjoyed the Punisher story line so much that I pretty much just pretended that none of the nonsensical Hand stuff was happening… just like I did in the first season.

    • Kay

      Haha that’s definitely the way to do it! I also know pretty much zero Daredevil canon from the comics, so I’m going entirely off what’s been shown on the show. I had a big chat about it with my brother this weekend (who has a ton of comic knowledge about Daredevil) and he filled me in on a lot of Matt’s character traits from the comics that definitely made me realize why they went in certain directions with the show.


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