Christmas Indie Shopping

I really didn’t do as much indie shopping as I wanted to for the Christmas season. The hub’s car ended up needing a huge amount of repair, and that meant our bank account took a huge hit. But, thanks to a PayPal balance I had forgotten about, I snagged in a few purchases from two indie shops!

Let me introduce you to Badger Face Beauty.
If awesome organic bath & beauty products + adult humor are your thing, then take a seat. You won’t be disappointed.

Badger Face Beauty haul

I stumbled upon Badger Face Beauty on Etsy while looking for organic lip balms for my BFF. I was immediately hooked. Here’s the product description for that Simmah Down Bitch milk bath, direct from their Etsy shop:

Organic lavender and sage milk bath soak, made with milk powder, cornstarch, sodium bicarbonate, oatmeal, organic dried sage, and lavender and sage essential oils from Badgerface Beauty Supply.

You know what blows serious chunks? Meetings. Deadlines. Fucking stress. The kind of shit that makes you frazzled as hell, coming home in straight-up survival mode like what. the. fuck. is my life turning into?

Quit that shit and dip into a deep tub fulla milk bath. It’s warming as fuck. It’s got ground oatmeal to anti-inflammatize your shit, and baking soda to soften your fucking water. It’s got lavender and sage, because who doesn’t love smelling like a fucking herb garden? And the milk powder: prepare to be amazed. It’ll make your legs feel like two sticks of sweet-ass butter. Believe us. You need somma that Simmah Down Bitch Milk Bath Soak.

– Made with organic ingredients
– Nourishing fucking milk powder and oatmeal
– None of our products are ever tested on animals
– 4 oz double-wall plastic jar with silver lid
– Add 2-3 tbsp to hot bath water
– Shipped in natural GreenWrap cushioning
– Preservative-free
– No fake shit

Scrub a dub dub, motherfucker!

Just. Perfection. And with each purchase, it’s optional to have the description printed and sent with it for a few extra cents (which you’d better believe I did). I love it. The other thing I was impressed with was how full the products are.

Badger Face Beauty milk bath open

No wasted space…my kind of product. I ordered the milk bath for me, and the rest was for my BFF for Christmas. She loved it all!

I also ordered from Purple Cat Creatives, snagging a few of their soap whips for friends.

Purple Cat Creatives Soap Whips

They also offer a really cool version of their lotions which I took advantage of for myself: sample size!

Purple Cat Creatives Lotion Samples

As you can see next to the business card, those are small jars. I actually really like that, as I’d hate to order a bigger (and therefore pricier) jar of lotion, only to not like either the texture or scent. These are the perfect size and price to test out, and then find out what I really love to order a full size in the future! Moonflower is the winner for me…I’m so in love with the scent! These products do seem a bit strong, so if overly scented isn’t your thing, this may not be the shop for you.

And the last indie thing I got in December was a present for ME! It was a preorder from August or September that I entirely forgot about.

Victoria Gedvillas art haul

Two Juicy Ink art books! They are collections of art by Victoria Gedvillas, whom I just adore, and she included SO MANY extras with my order! I was blown away! I love, love my new books, and the prints are now on display in my room as well as my daughter’s. Love it!

I’m excited to keep up the trend of indie shopping in 2016. Between Etsy, Storenvy, and Kickstarter, I’ll have no problem finding things to buy!

What’s your favorite platform for indie shopping?

  • Jas

    So cool! I always forget to look at Etsy for this kind of thing. You bet I will now though. These all seem so unique, would love to try some of them.

    • Kay

      I love browsing Etsy! Bath and beauty products (specifically lotions) are my weakness haha…I love finding new indie shops to try from! That, and candle. I’m a sucker for candles. 😀

  • Danielle Knapp

    Oh man – the Badger Face Beauty instructions/description was cracking me up! I love shopping on etsy 🙂

    • Kay

      Isn’t it ridiculous?! I just love it haha. And yes, Etsy is the best!

  • Oh my word. Bager Face Beauty is my new favorite. They had me at “festive as fuck”. Ha!!!

    • Kay

      Fantastic, right? I’ll be ordering from them again, that’s for sure. 😀 Glad you enjoyed as well!

  • badgerfacebeauty

    Thanks for the love, bitches!

    • Kay

      Anytime – thanks for great products and snark! 🙂


    • Kay

      Fantastic right? Plus, great products. Win, win!

  • Wow! All of these products look amazing! The titles of the Badger Face Beauty products are hilarious!

    • Kay

      I just love them!

  • Emma

    You always find the best indie products! Loving the look of all those Badger Face Beauty bits..

    • Kay

      Thanks! And I’m so obsessed with Badger Face at the moment. Glad to see others enjoy the humor as well!

  • I’ve never bought bath products on Etsy before, but both the baths and soaps sound great! :O

    • Kay

      Since I don’t have too many places around me to buy handmade/organic lotions I take to Etsy a lot for it. I love a good body butter…especially in the winter when dry skin is at it’s worst!

  • I’m so in love with Badger Face Beauty! Liking them more than Lush now because of the snark:P That artwork is gorgeous! I’ll have to look into more of her work for sure.

    • Kay

      Yup, the snark makes it. 😀 And definitely check out her work – she has such a great distinctive style, and I love how she uses Copics.

  • Love this post, and I hope you’ll make it a regular thing! (.. Is it already a regular thing? I think I remember you posting about it before, hehe.) I buy pretty much everything I own from Etsy, and I love supporting indie stores. I’d be afraid to try bath products, because I’m super allergic to pretty much everything ever made to put on your face or body, but these products look great (and I love the humor they add to it). And that art is just to beautiful! Will definitely check out this artist.

    • Kay

      Ouch, skin allergies can definitely make it quite difficult to shop for products like this online for sure. But yup, indie shopping will be a regular series for sure! I love to showcase indie artists and makers, and I’m glad you like the art I shared here! I definitely recommend checking her out…I just love her line work and how she lays in the color with Copics!

  • The Badger Face Beauty products sound so amazing and fun. I have pretty sensitive skin, so I might give this a try!

    I would love to see more of these posts btw!

    • Kay

      There will definitely be more…I love sharing indie makers and artists!


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