Cheap Funko Shelves

I have a lot of Funko Pops. 52 to be exact. (I am so happy my hubs enjoys Pops as much as I do!) Our collection is not as large as some, but it’s enough that they have outgrown the shelving space I have allotted for them. I built a pyramid-style shelf last year, which is full/constantly being rearranged, and we also have some spread across our two main ‘geek’ shelves in the living room (plus a few more on bedroom shelves…) I wanted some kind of tiered shelf to add to the living room shelves so I could display my group sets with a little more depth and not take up as much space. So off I went on a hunt for cheap Funko shelves!

Most of the tiered shelves I’ve found in stores have been clear plastic, which wasn’t my first choice. But, while in Wal-Mart one day I spotted this:

Better Homes and Gardens Bamboo Spice Rack, Brown

Supposedly, this is a bamboo spice rack, but clearly it’s meant for Funkos. I bought the only two in the store. At $5 each, they definitely satisfy my quota for cheap Funko shelves! I do wish the tiers were each a little taller, but they’ll do fine. See?

Cheap Funko Shelves - Firefly Crew

Cheap Funko Shelves - Sailor Scouts
Sorry for the blur, whoops!

And side view of the Scouts:

Cheap Funko Shelves - Side view

Not too shabby! They match my wood shelves well enough, and free up some much needed shelf space! While we’re here at the side view though, I need to have a quick bitch session/question – do you see how far Sailor Jupiter is tipping forward?! Here, a better view:

Cheap Funko Shelves - leaning Scouts

What the hell is with that?! Sailor Mars is starting to do the same. In fact, while I love the look and details, I am not really impressed with the Scout Funkos. So far, only Sailor Mercury stands on her own. Jupiter I’ve had to mount down so she stops tipping forward, and Mars is on her way. Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus both tip backwards, even when attached to their stands. Currently, Sailor Moon is leaning on her hair (you can see it in the first side view pic) and Sailor Venus also has to be balanced by leaning on the tier behind her. UNCOOL FUNKOS, UNCOOL. Is anyone else having this problem with their Scouts, or did I just get a weird bout of bad luck? I didn’t even buy all these at the same time, or at the same place, so boy would that be random.

Anywho, with the ranting out of the way, back to the point – spice racks can often make really good cheap Funko shelves! Check out the home goods section of your local Target or Walmart if you’re in need! And if you’re feeling crafty, Epbot just posted this super awesome (and relatively simple) DIY Funko Shelf out of foam core. It’s also super cheap, so if you’re looking for a more custom shelf option that’s still inexpensive, I highly recommend checking out their tutorial!

How do you display your Funko Pops?

  • This shelf look so perfect!!! It’s nice you found it for that price and that matching color. I have some problems with my Funko Hermione, she cannot stand, they completely made her unbalanced, her head is too heavy on the back side so she has to be supported by books to not fall on her back 🙁

    • Kay

      Ah, that stinks! I wish they included stands for all of them, just in case they need it to help them stand up! Though in the case of my Scouts, even the stands aren’t helping! At least they can be balanced though.

  • Clever, it looks good! 😀 52 sounds like a huge collection to me, but I have only recently fallen down the Funko rabbit hole and own no more than 3 so far. Knowing myself I’ll probably end up buying a lot more though, so I’ll remember to go looking for spice racks when I start running out of space!

    • Kay

      Thanks! They are a great inexpensive way to display them. And Funkos can definitely get addicting! 😀 We got our first one about three years ago….and now we have 52 ahaha.

  • Great idea using a spice rack! I suppose you could always paint them to match your different groups too. So far I only have 1 Funko Pop, Chewbacca from The Force Awakens. He is so cute, but he is still in his box and I keep him on my shelf by the tv.

    I am tempted to buy him a Han Solo so they can keep each other company hehe. I used to collect Barbie dolls and it got out of hand, I ended up with about 1,000 dolls. Clearly I cannot be trusted to collect things, so I’m taking it slow with the Funkos. LOL | cute geek lifestyle blog

    • Kay

      Whoa, now that’s a collection! Funkos are definitely addicting; the hubs and I never really planned on collecting, we just kept buying ones we likes…and now have a bunch haha! And yes, if we ever decide to switch up the living room we can definitely paint them to match, it’s a great idea!

  • B.

    I have a plastic/clear spice rack on my desk at work for Pops! Then I have some in my detolf with my Hot Toys at home!

    • Kay

      Your Hot Toys collection is so droolworthy!!

  • Emma

    Great idea using a spice rack. Thanks for sharing that little tip. What the frack, such bad news about the Scouts though. I was literally just thinking how amazing they all looked as a little group and how much I needed them, but figures not being able to stand on their own is a massive ballache I can’t be bothered to deal with. I’ve never had that problem with pops before.

    • Kay

      I haven’t either, which is why I find it weird that almost this whole set has issues! Definitely disappointing; they look great, but if they constantly tip it kinda defeats the purpose. D:

  • This is a fantastic idea! Right now, I have my Funkos on U-shaped shelves above my bed, but I only have room for one more Funko. The horror! I’ll have to move some things around because I really want to get a few more!

    • Kay

      Definitely! Running out of room is a constant problem here haha!

  • Jessica

    Such a great idea! You never know what you’ll find when browsing a store.

    • Kay

      Thanks! It was a lucky find!

  • Oh no! I’m so nervous about getting my Sailor Scout Funkos now! My Effie Trinket started that tipping business and now I just have her sideways thrown on top of my Hunger Games books because she’s incapable of standing on her own. She fell off my bookshelf in the middle of the night and the prong from the stand broke off in her foot. I was so disappointed! I get that they want the females to have tinier bodies but they really need to work on producing them so they can stand on their own.

    • Kay

      Agreed! And when they don’t even stand up on the stands…that’s just ridiculous. I hope yours have no issues!!

  • I have 2 spice racks, slightly different to yours but the home 12 of my favourite Pops on 🙂

    • Kay

      Awesome! They work so well!

  • You’re so cute with your 52 Funkos. 😀 lol

    Girl I am driving myself INSANE over how to display my Funko in my office. I have so many damn Funko that it’s going to cost me a small fortune to display them. Ugh. 🙁

    • Kay

      I’m sure my collection is miniature compared to yours haha!! And I bet…why must good displays cost an arm and a leg?! Wishing you good luck in finding something you love, without breaking the bank!

  • Danielle Knapp

    Love this idea…my Funkos are just kind of all over the place right now 🙂

    • Kay

      We are getting to that point – we keep running out of space for them!

  • That spice rack is clearly meant for Funkos, good eye!! 😛 What the hell though, Funko? I was totally considering splurging on a set of the Sailor Scout pops but I think I’ll hold off for now. I hate that about the dainty girl pops…yeah yeah, girls have smaller feet or whatever, but at least make them big enough to stand on their own!

    • Kay

      Right?! So dumb. And in this case, even with the stand they aren’t standing, which is just EXTRA stupid. Blargh!

  • You have so many toys! I think the shelves are nice and the toys look really good on them 🙂

    • Kay

      It’s true, I’m a big kid haha! And thank you!

  • gamerwife

    Great find. Not having a car Walmart is usually a bit of a slog for us, but it’s nice to know there are VERY affordable display options out there. And while I don’t have any of the Sailor Scout Pops, I do have issues with my Fiona Pop falling over constantly. Something about that particular toy just isn’t balance at all. Weird.

    • Kay

      Frustrating. A few people have said they some they have don’t balance well. Quite unfortunate!


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