• Sick: Weekly Wrap-Up #2

      by Kay on April 15, 2018 , No Comments

      Unfortunately, this past week was bookended by sickness. Last Monday, my daughter woke up running a low fever and quite lethargic. We kept her home from school to rest, and then she was great! We spent the week with a pretty regular routine – afternoon playdays with friends, art time together, and some video game time too. (She’s been working her way through Pokemon Moon, and loves to be my partner in crime while I play Breath of the Wild.) But on Thursday night, whatever sickness was working it’s way into her system hit with a vengeance. She spent the […]

    • Productivity: Weekly Wrap-Up #1

      by Kay on April 8, 2018 , No Comments

      It’s Sunday night and I’m realizing that this past week was one of the best I’ve had in awhile. Not because anything particularly exciting happened, but because I FELT good, mentally. And due to that, I had a week full of productivity. I got every task I set for myself accomplished for both art and personal, worked in public, felt confident in the projects I’m doing – it was a banner week all around. I mentioned on my IG stories that I’ve recently started therapy again for anxiety. And while I’ve only had one session so far, I feel relief […]

    • New Phone, Who Dis

      by Kay on April 4, 2018 , No Comments

      It’s been almost three months since my last blog post. And I’ll be honest, it really doesn’t feel like it’s been so long. Not because I feel like the year is flying by, or because I’ve been crazy busy. But simply because in that three months, I didn’t miss it. I didn’t miss sitting down to write. I didn’t miss worrying about whether my ‘content’ was worthy. (Worthy of what, who knows.) But recently, I did start to miss it. I started to miss having a place other than Instagram stories to share what I get up to in my […]

    • January Goals + Art Goals for the Year

      by Kay on January 10, 2018 , 13 Comments

      2018 is well underway and I, for one, have been loving getting back into the regular routine of life. As I mentioned in my New Years post, I’m not very big on resolutions. I prefer the idea of smaller goals each month. But when I sat down to brainstorm January goals, I really couldn’t come up with specific tasks. The few things I wanted to get done were quite simple, and didn’t feel worthy of a monthly goal list. After thinking on it, I realized there was one thing I wanted to work on for the month which is: Consistency […]

    • Welcome, 2018: Thoughts for the New Year

      by Kay on January 1, 2018 , 14 Comments

      Another new year. And 2018 is a pretty big one, for me. This year marks my 30th birthday, in April. It’s also going to mark ten years that my partner and I have been together. Big milestones! As for 2017, I’m glad to see it gone by. Wonderful things happened to me personally – my first two trips out of the country, an amazing summer of hiking, camping, and travel with my little family, growing and experimenting with my art. But outside of my little bubble, there was a lot of horror. Things that made the happiness of my personal […]

    • 4th Annual Holiday Card Swap

      by Kay on December 7, 2017 , 7 Comments

      I am so late with things this year! How on earth are we already a full week into December?! But, better late than never! So, without further ado, it’s that time of year again for my Annual Holiday Card Swap!! This is the fourth year I’ve hosted a holiday card swap and it’s one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I mean, who doesn’t love snail mail?! This year, I’m doing the card swap a bit differently. Normally, I have a Google form to fill out with your address and such so I can keep track of who gets […]