• Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Photoshoot

      by Kay on November 7, 2017 , 17 Comments

      I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween last week! As I mentioned in my November goals post, we’ve had a ton of rain here in NH lately. So the photoshoot I had all planned out ended up getting continually postponed. The day I was finally able to take pics was ON Halloween! But, better late than never! May I present my extremely excited kiddo as Moon Girl and my ever awesome partner/her dad as Devil Dinosaur. Good god I love my family. We almost didn’t have a Devil Dinosaur to accompany my kiddo! Originally my partner was told he wouldn’t […]

    • The Geeky Girl Tag

      by Kay on March 28, 2017 , 16 Comments

      I haven’t done a tag in so long! The ever awesome Katie from Over the Moony tagged me for this Geeky Girl blog tag, and I can’t really resist chatting about my geek loves. #1:  What is your must-have tech gadget? Definitely my smart phone. I use it for so many things. Social media, yes, but also practical things like my calendar, weather, alarm, etc. I also use it often while making art for saving and looking up references. And to snap pictures of my kiddo/cats on the fly! #2:  Which House do you belong to in Hogwarts? Ravenclaw, and […]

    • Geek Girl Bloggers Card Exchange & Funko Swap!

      by Kay on January 5, 2017 , 14 Comments

      Being a part of online communities and connecting with fellow like-minded geeky women is one of my favorite parts of having a blog. And in my opinion, the ladies in the Geek Girl Bloggers group are the creme de la creme. Founded by Pepi (who also designed the super cute post header!), the Geek Girl Bloggers group is a fabulous place to find friendship, support, camaraderie, and an all around great group of women. Often times throughout the year, the Geek Girl Bloggers hold swaps for different things, and this December I joined in with both the Card Swap and […]

    • DIY Triforce Tree Topper

      by Kay on December 15, 2016 , 22 Comments

      It’s time for another geeky holiday DIY! As I mentioned in my DIY Geek Ornament post, we have a geek theme for our Christmas tree. For awhile, we had a traditional star at the top; a light up one selected by our daughter. But once that stopped working last year, I wanted a new topper. I wanted something geeky, but also something gold and shiny to invoke that shiny Christmas star feeling. I immediately thought of the Triforce! As usual with my DIYs, I wanted this project to be relatively simple and relatively cheap. It’s definitely more time and supply […]

    • DIY Geek Ornaments

      by Kay on December 9, 2016 , 28 Comments

      Last Christmas, my partner and I came to a decision about our Christmas tree decorations. We had such a random mix of ornaments – ornaments given to us, ornaments we purchased ourselves, ornaments our daughter made. No cohesion. Plus, we had so many they didn’t all fit on the tree.So we decided to pick a theme for our tree decor and stick to it. Since our living room (where the tree goes) decor is a balance of family photos and geeky collectibles/art, we decided the tree should match. Thus, our geek family tree theme was born. We had only one […]

    • Family Costume Reveal!

      by Kay on November 1, 2016 , 18 Comments

      Halloween this year was such a success! As I mentioned in quite a few posts, this was the first year we did a family costume. Our daughter picked the theme, and she went with Pokemon! My partner was Ash, I was Serena, and she was Pikachu! Figured I’d post a reference pic in case you weren’t familiar with Pokemon XY. And of course, we modified our costumes for Halloween in New Hampshire which is COLD. It was 38 degrees for trick or treating. BRRRRRR. (Oh, and Serena isn’t wearing her usual chunky white sunglasses on her hat in this pic, […]