Bye Bye Summer, Hello Fall

Checking the weather today I saw that the temperature over the next week was going to be in the low 70s and I am so excited about it. I am ready for sweaters, leggings, and hot baths on cool evenings. The older I get, the more I love fall, and all the season brings. (Except everything pumpkin spice, but I’ll talk about that in a different post!) September brings on a big month for me, with it being the first month I make an attempt at this whole freelancing life! And with a big month comes goals. Here’s how I fared with August’s goals, and what I’d like to accomplish in September!

Hello Fall - August Goals Wrap Up

August Goal Wrap-Up

#1. Get organized! This is mostly a success. While I didn’t post entirely on my schedule, I did post consistently and published every post I had on my August schedule. As for social media stuff…still a work in progress.

#2. Make art again. Success!! After not making much art in July, I got so much done in August. Between stuff for the blog, commission work, and the start of some new personal projects, I’m super happy with the art I got accomplished.

#3. Daily yoga. WIN! I missed only two days in the month of August for yoga and it felt so great. I want to continue in September, though be a bit more lax about it. I definitely want to continue yoga every weekday, and leave weekends optional. I also would like to document it a bit more; I did for a bit of the 30 Day Challenge and it was really cool to see myself in the poses!

#4. Stick to using Habitica. Also a success! I’ve been using it for dailies, and to-do lists (though I totally still use paper and pen for to-do lists as well!) Now I just need to find a party/make a party and start going on quests and fighting some monsters! Does anybody else use it? We should team up!

#5. Enjoy every last second of time left at home with my kiddo. Another success. We filled August with a great balance of fun trips and activities, and down time together. It was such a great last month of time together before school began!

Not to toot my own horn but it feels amazing to murder all my August goals!!! I really wanted to focus in last month and get shit done, and I’m quite proud that I did. It definitely makes me more confident to take on all I want to do in September. Speaking of which…

Hello Fall - September Goals

Goal #1: Overhaul the blog. This is a big one. While I’m not changing the focus of my blog (Artist. Mum. Geek. is still where the content is at!) I want a different look, and I do want to work on making my content a bit more…useful? I don’t know, I feel like I ramble a lot on here, and I often wonder, What the hell are people getting out of reading this?! So I’d like to find a way to ramble while actually providing something other than my personal brain droppings. TBD on what that’ll end up being.

Goal #2: Get squared away with social media. I need to work on consistency. I’m looking in to things like Buffer and Hootsuite to help me keep on track with that, but a lot of it is just planning and effort that I’ve yet to put in.

Goal #3: Yoga. I want to be doing yoga a minimum of five times a week.

Goal #4: Set myself a work schedule. Since I now work from home, I know if I don’t set myself a schedule, things are going to get unproductive quickly. I need that structure to keep me accountable. So I need to schedule my daily things like a work day, including lunch and break times. It’ll take some experimenting, but I want a pretty solid schedule by the end of September.

What are your goals for September?



  • I really want to start blogging again this September and I think that I should schedule some time on my calendar, maybe once or twice a week to dedicate JUST to blogging. I’m such a procrastinator…!

    • Kay

      I tend to procrastinate by default too but I’ve really been working on it lately! I definitely think scheduling time for it is necessary for me if I’m going to get it done. I hope you find a blogging system you like!

  • I constantly want to overhaul my blog, I’m never satisfied with how things look! It’s great that you’ve been hitting all your goals though, awesome!

    • Emma

      I’m exactly the same. I get bored of my blogs layout so easily, so end up changing the theme of it every other month. I know that’s bad, but hey, it’s my blog haha.

      • Kay

        Right? It’s yours, do what you like with it! I get bored of layouts so quickly…I’ve had this one for nine months now which is like a record for me. Definitely time for something new!

    • Emma

      Oh, also – well done with your goals Kayly!

    • Kay

      Thanks Jess! And same, I get bored with layouts so quickly. ;_;

  • I’ve used Buffer before, and it’s ok. It’s definitely very easy if you want to schedule something on the fly. I’ve switched to HootSuite, though, for my design business accounts. It allows me to schedule Instagram, which is a big plus.

    • Kay

      I think HootSuite is what I’ll be going with. I just need to put in the effort and get it all set up and going!

  • Congrats on your August goals! I can’t believe summer is over. I love fall but that also means winter is coming. Lol. My September goal is also a blog overhaul. Time to make the transfer over to wordpress. I just hope I’ll have enough time this next month to get it all taken care of.

    • Kay

      Thank you! And I feel you on Winter is Coming doom haha. Living in NH, winter can often mean oodles of snow, which isn’t my fave. D:

      I hope your transfer goes smoothly! They can be a big pain, but I think worth it. I’ve been really happy with self hosted WordPress, as long as you’ve got a good host service! Best of luck with it! 🙂

  • Seems like you followed through quite well on your August goals! Well done!! And I hear you with the blog content qualm. I’ve been trying to find a happy medium with that myself. It’s so tough!

    • Kay

      It really is. I like my blog to be for me, as a personal space, but I also want my readers to get something out of it other than my endless chatter! It’s tough to find a balance, but I’m working on it. I hope you find it as well!

  • B.

    I love that you said you murdered your goals! You did great!

  • Awesome job kicking butt! Can’t wait to see what you do with the blog revamp. I’ve been wanting to narrow my blog stuff down too but I’m in such a blogging funk. Good luck with your goals this month, you’re gonna rock ’em!

    • Kay

      Thanks Ashlee! Blogging funks happen for sure; take as long a break as you need!

  • Hey I’ll join you on Habitica!! I haven’t tried it out but I could give it a go! Sounds like it’s been a very busy month so far!

    • Kay

      Ah, sweet!! If you download the app (or use a comp, either way) and make a profile, there’s a tab for ‘party’ and it’ll give you a code. If you send that to me I can form us a party if you like! It’s fun to have a cute little pixel char to upgrade and such. 😀


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