• Bye Bye Summer, Hello Fall

      posted in Life In General by Kay on September 2, 2016

      Checking the weather today I saw that the temperature over the next week was going to be in the low 70s and I am so excited about it. I am ready for sweaters, leggings, and hot baths on cool evenings. The older I get, the more I love fall, and all the season brings. (Except everything pumpkin spice, but I’ll talk about that in a different post!) September brings on a big month for me, with it being the first month I make an attempt at this whole freelancing life! And with a big month comes goals. Here’s how I fared with August’s goals, and what I’d like to accomplish in September!

      Hello Fall - August Goals Wrap Up

      August Goal Wrap-Up

      #1. Get organized! This is mostly a success. While I didn’t post entirely on my schedule, I did post consistently and published every post I had on my August schedule. As for social media stuff…still a work in progress.

      #2. Make art again. Success!! After not making much art in July, I got so much done in August. Between stuff for the blog, commission work, and the start of some new personal projects, I’m super happy with the art I got accomplished.

      #3. Daily yoga. WIN! I missed only two days in the month of August for yoga and it felt so great. I want to continue in September, though be a bit more lax about it. I definitely want to continue yoga every weekday, and leave weekends optional. I also would like to document it a bit more; I did for a bit of the 30 Day Challenge and it was really cool to see myself in the poses!

      #4. Stick to using Habitica. Also a success! I’ve been using it for dailies, and to-do lists (though I totally still use paper and pen for to-do lists as well!) Now I just need to find a party/make a party and start going on quests and fighting some monsters! Does anybody else use it? We should team up!

      #5. Enjoy every last second of time left at home with my kiddo. Another success. We filled August with a great balance of fun trips and activities, and down time together. It was such a great last month of time together before school began!

      Not to toot my own horn but it feels amazing to murder all my August goals!!! I really wanted to focus in last month and get shit done, and I’m quite proud that I did. It definitely makes me more confident to take on all I want to do in September. Speaking of which…

      Hello Fall - September Goals

      Goal #1: Overhaul the blog. This is a big one. While I’m not changing the focus of my blog (Artist. Mum. Geek. is still where the content is at!) I want a different look, and I do want to work on making my content a bit more…useful? I don’t know, I feel like I ramble a lot on here, and I often wonder, What the hell are people getting out of reading this?! So I’d like to find a way to ramble while actually providing something other than my personal brain droppings. TBD on what that’ll end up being.

      Goal #2: Get squared away with social media. I need to work on consistency. I’m looking in to things like Buffer and Hootsuite to help me keep on track with that, but a lot of it is just planning and effort that I’ve yet to put in.

      Goal #3: Yoga. I want to be doing yoga a minimum of five times a week.

      Goal #4: Set myself a work schedule. Since I now work from home, I know if I don’t set myself a schedule, things are going to get unproductive quickly. I need that structure to keep me accountable. So I need to schedule my daily things like a work day, including lunch and break times. It’ll take some experimenting, but I want a pretty solid schedule by the end of September.

      What are your goals for September?