Bye Bye September, Hello October

I can’t believe we’re saying hello October tomorrow. September felt like one of the fastest months of the year, and it was filled with so much goodness! Lots of change, yes, but legitimately all change that turned out the best way I could have hoped for.

As for goals, September was only okay. I nailed some, failed others.

Hello October - September goal recap

Goal #1: Overhaul the blog. Fail. Well, I did overhaul the blog…for about five minutes. See, I purchased a new theme, and despite my best efforts I could not get things to look the way I wanted it to. Stupidly, I got sucked in by how the homepage looked, and didn’t realize that the blog page layout is atrocious. It’s entirely my own fault for not doing enough research, and I threw $15 bucks down the drain. Lesson learned.

Goal #2: Get squared away with social media. Success! I’ve been using Buffer for a couple weeks now and I love it so much. It definitely allows me to post more frequently. I’ve worked out a schedule for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Now I just need to schedule an hour or so each week just for inputting things to Buffer. I haven’t quite nailed down when the best time for me to do that is, but it’ll probably be Sundays. Sunday is basically my plan-all-the-things day each week.

Goal #3: Yoga. Fail. My yoga goal was to make it to the mat 5 times a week. That didn’t quite happen – I only averaged about 4 days of the week. Better than nothing, but still not where I want to be. However, on the win side, I did finally master tree pose and it feels so good to not be a wobbly mess with it anymore!!

Goal #4: Set myself a work schedule. Success! I used my planner and made out a schedule for myself. The system I use it quite simple; I block out chunks of time dedicated to different tasks. I find it works quite well, and I never feel like I’m doing one thing too long and getting burnt on it. Plus, when I have set tasks, I don’t get distracted by things like, you know, the entire internet.

On to October’s goals!

Hello October - October goals

Goal #1: Get our family costumes together! Halloween will be here before I know it, and while I have it all planned out, I need to actually start shopping for the pieces we need or it’s not gonna happen!

Goal #2: Improve on/do more self-promotion. A necessity of freelance life. I need to find more places to put myself out there, and continue promoting myself on the platforms I currently use as well. I’m not great at self-promotion, but it’s something I need to learn to get good at!

Goal #3: Figure out a blog layout. I definitely want my site to change it’s look. Ideally, I want a more professional working homepage as opposed to just nothing but my posts. I need to dedicate some time to making that happen.

Goal #4: Start running again. Confession…I haven’t run since August. Ugh. A fantastic Supernatural virtual race is starting on October 2 and that means it’s time to get running again! I am so in love with the medal!

October is such a wonderful month. In fact, I’d say it’s my favorite month of fall. The cool weather, Halloween, my best friend’s birthday…plenty of great things to fill up the month!

What are your goals for October? Do you have a favorite fall month?


  • I realized I completely neglected my self-care routine during Summer, I stopped wearing makeup, my skincare routine, eating healthy, floss, journal, read and so on. All because I was frustrated by exams and I spent four weeks away from home in total. Since my birthday is at the end of October, I decided to dedicate the whole month to myself trying to set up a self-care routine and stick with it!

    • Kay

      That’s so great! I’m sure you’ll reap some serious benefits from that…self care is so important and so easy to let fall to the side. Good for you for prioritizing it this month!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    I used to do yoga at least once a week, but it hasn’t happened which is a shame because it’s so relaxing. I work a stressful job at points so I really should make the effort to do yoga.

    • Kay

      I find it more beneficial for my mental health so the fact that it’s also good for my body is a huge bonus! I highly recommend it for everyone!

  • I need to think about my October goals as well, yours look really beneficial!! I biked 10 miles on saturday, and it was the first time I’ve exercised in about 3 years (honest to god!) my legs are still sore!!

    • Kay

      That’s awesome Jess! I don’t know that I could bike ten miles haha….I haven’t ridden a bike in over ten years! Not on purpose…I just haven’t had one since high school and never got another!

  • Ugh, I hear you on the overhauling! I’m fine with my layout but I’ve been wanting to change up my colors. I want my Instagram color scheme and my blog color scheme to match up a little better. So much blog stuff to do, so little time! But I’m glad you were successful in many of your goals! Good luck with October! 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks Katie! I feel like I’m never satisfied with my blog haha…I’ll find something I like for a little while but then always want to change!

  • I love buffer! 😀 I’ve been using it for years now 🙂 It’s handy and gets to the point. I’m working on the looks of my blog too 🙂 I want to change it. (Although I feel that being never satisfied is something natural for those who want their stuff super pretty xDDDD )

    • Kay

      Agreed! Even when I do find a look for my blog I like, I always inevitably want to change it again. xD Buffer is great!


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