Botanical Drawing Challenge!

This year one of my big art goals is to continue trying things out of my comfort zone, both in subject and medium. To kick that off with a bang, I created a botanical drawing challenge!

As I’m sure most of you readers know, my particular niche in art is portraiture. I’m pretty comfortable with drawing human faces and I love capturing expression. But I do want to broaden my subjects and get comfortable with more. Nature is a passion of mine. I love gardening, hiking, being outside, and growing plants. Therefore it only made sense to create a botanical drawing challenge as my first 30 day drawing challenge!

30 day botanical drawing challenge

To create the list I sat down with my kiddo and partner and we came up with thirty plant names. Pretty simple! I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this challenge so far. I’m not attempting a particular ‘style’ for the drawings, just sketching out what feels good. I’m loving the vibrancy of colors and working with lovely shades of green.

botanical drawing challenge

So far I’ve kept up well enough, only missing one day because of my kiddo being very sick. But I have caught up, and can’t wait to finish out the month! If you aren’t already, be sure to follow along with my art Instagram to see each drawing. And please, feel free to join in the botanical drawing challenge! Hop in anytime, or just draw one that suits your fancy; I’d love to see what you sketch!

  • I love these so much.

    • Kay

      Thank you Stacey!

  • Sonya

    Gosh, I love seeing these when you post them! I think this is such a cool drawing challenge for yourself, and I think I especially love that it’s plants. Do you think you’ll do another thirty-day challenge in the future with a different subject? (Or is it too early to decide?)

    • Kay

      I am definitely going to! I want to do at least one more this year, perhaps two? I haven’t decided on subjects yet for more, but I do want it to be something out of my comfort zone. I’d also like to do an anatomy challenge at some point; basically setting aside time to specifically practice things like hands and feet, etc.

  • Mariah Kaercher

    These are so pretty!

    • Kay

      Thanks Mariah!

  • I’ve loved seeing your progress so far! I’m quite excited for the succulent day 😀

    • Kay

      Thanks Kristin! Me too; I love succulents, they are so cute!

  • I love this challenge! 🙂 I’m always exited about your Instagram account! 🙂

    • Kay

      Aw, thanks Pepi! <3

  • So cool. And these look amazing!

    • Kay

      Thank you Lyn!

  • I adore botanical drawing! It has to be one of my favorite things to draw. <3

    • Kay

      They are quickly becoming one of mine as well!

  • MagicCatJenny

    Wow, these are so beautiful! I’m honestly in awe of your talent! <3

    • Kay

      Thank you so much Jenny! <3

  • While you say that you are comfortable with portraiture I think you are very, very, very capable with floral drawings. I think this is something you should really consider continuing this is really profound work there lady!

    • Kay

      Thanks Dina!! It’s definitely an area I want to explore more for sure.

  • These look awesome, Kay! What materials are you using to draw? I’ve been thinking about trying out my markers for these (only have been able to successfully use those for landscapes), but I only have two natural shades of green (ouch). Will have to order some new ones if I want to do that!

    • Kay

      Thanks Rav! I’m using Copic Markers and Prismacolor pencils for these. Copics to lay in the majority of color and blend, and then going back with the colored pencils for details and enhancing highlight/shadow areas. Copics are pricey, but worth it! I know a brand called Art N Fly makes alcohol based markers that are more affordable, but I have no idea what the quality is like since I haven’t used them myself. I’m sure you could look up reviews on them though!

      • Thanks for the tips, I forgot about the coloured pencil shading trick. It works so well on your drawings!

        My brother gave me his old set of markers from Spectrum Noire. I quite like them, but some colours need refilling by now, and now they’ve switched to exclusively selling sets of 12 or so of a specific colour range rather than specific markers. I always end up using some colours more than others, so it seems rather wasteful to me to be forced to buy refills for the entire sets (they don’t sell them specifically either). Any tips?

        I feel inclined to buy other markers instead rather than starting to invest in something that’s not ideal, so now I’m looking at second hand Copics that are affordable. Maybe it’s risky, but I could save so much.

        • Kay

          Copics are tough because they are such an initial investment, but refilling them is pretty affordable. If you can get secondhand ones, as long as the nibs are still holding up, I think that’s a good way to go. Just know you may need to purchase ink to refill them sooner depending on the ink level when purchased.

          Frustrating that you can’t buy individual Spectrum Noire markers or refills! That makes no sense! Hmmm, I guess the only thing I can think of is look into other options. I agree with you that it really is wasteful to pay for a whole pack of refills if you only need a few of the colors. I hope you find something that works!

  • christine

    Amazing!!! IDK why but your posts aren’t showing up in my WP feed and I thought you had totally disappeared… then I saw an FB post. I need to figure out what’s going on! Anyways, I love these ❤️

    • Kay

      Thanks Christine! I need to post a wrap-up post about the challenge, even though it ended two weeks ago hah!
      I find the WP feed to be SO iffy…I’ve switched over to Feedly now as my primary reader! It’s so nice being able to have blogs from any platform all in one convenient reader. (Wow, I sound like a commercial for them haha – really, it’s just a free service I really enjoy!)


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