The Bee Box: The September Honey Bee Box

Way back in March I made mention of a new quarterly art subscription box I was trying out: The Bee Box. I received the first one back in June, but it was right during some serious life issues and I never ended up blogging about it. So this week, when the fall Bee Box showed up at my PO Box, I couldn’t wait to post about it! But first, a little info about The Bee Box itself.

As I said above, The Bee Box is a quarterly art subscription box featuring illustrations and unique items from artist Kirsten Winkelbauer of Winklebeebee Illustration. The items in the box are exclusive, including the prints, so the only way anyone will have these things is if they get the box! For me, I love this idea. I love being able to support an artist in this way and have a package of goodies show up every quarter. I also love that she puts huge effort into providing unique items in each box. Here’s what came in this month’s Bee Box!


First up: the exclusive prints. THAT BOTANICAL WITCH. I love it so much. That would so be me in witchy form, loving all my plants. And the fall print is so cute! Currently, I’ve got it hung on the fridge since I won’t be keeping it out year round.


Then we have this adorable little monster pin! He’s been added to my purse, and will be staying on year round for sure. So cute.


These coloring pages made me so happy. I’m going to do some Copic practice on two (they are printed on wonderful thick paper, which should handle the Copic ink well) and I let my kiddo pick two so we can color together!


This witchy babe paper doll is another great thing I can do with my kiddo! I have to cut it all out, but I know my little one will enjoy dressing her all up, and I for one really appreciate the clothing aesthetic. πŸ™‚

I love the box! And the boxes start at $15 per quarter which is a steal. There are higher tiers you can pay for, which just get you more exclusive stuff per box! I may upgrade next year. Be sure to check out Winklebeebee Illustration’s Instagram and follow along with her awesome art!

  • I love this box so much, it’s adorable and those witchy dress up outfits I wish I could get them in real life haha!

    • Kay

      Right?! I want them all as well!

  • What a cute idea and all of these are absolutely adorable! She has such a cute style!

    • Kay

      I totally agree! And this box is so affordable, I love it.

  • Mariah Kaercher

    That’s fun! I like the artwork. Supporting local art is super important to me.

    • Kay

      Same here! As an indie artist myself, I find it so important to support OTHER indie artists as much as I can!

  • The monster pin is the best! So cute. I love the paper dolls too! I played with paper dolls as a kid, but their outfits were nowhere near as cool lol.

    • Kay

      Right?! Same here. I’m thinking of backing them with magnet so my kiddo can play with them on the fridge!

  • gamerwife

    These are so cute! I’m such a sucker for paper dolls. My sister sort of collects them. These are adorable.

    • Kay

      That’s neat! I’m thinking of adding flat magnet to the back of these so my kiddo can use them on the fridge – I think they’ll last longer that way.

  • Desiree

    How flipping adorable. I like the variety also.

    • Kay

      It’s one of my favorite parts. I’m always curious what each box will have in it.


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