Life Lately Chats + August Kiwi Crate

It’s down to t-minus six days until my daughter starts school! And I’m actually feeling really good. Last week was tougher; I had a few days of crying breakdowns as I thought about this chapter of life ending. But this week I feel really good. There are SO many ups to this transition and while they are scary and stressful in some ways, they don’t feel overwhelming. I’m not consumed with anxiety about them. And that is a big deal for me.

I also had a life realization last week – I definitely use cleaning and organizing as a coping technique. As I mentioned in my Boston Trip post, we went to IKEA and got many new things for the apartment. Ever since then I’ve been nesting like crazy; organizing what we own, rearranging furniture and areas, and purging SO MUCH STUFF. It feels so good. I love getting rid of stuff! At first, when I realized I was in nesting mode, I kind of panicked. Was I just avoiding dealing with my emotions about this transition? And after some thought, and checking in with some awesome online friends, I realized no – this is a good thing. Instead of letting anxiety rule, I’m channeling that anxious energy into something productive. It is such a nice change!

Okay enough life ramblings. Time for the fun stuff – the August Kiwi Crate! We took a drive down and visited my dad last week, bringing the Kiwi Crate along to do at his house. I had the suspicion that he would appreciate this particular crate, and I was correct. The August Kiwi Crate theme was Fun With Flight!
Sorry about some of the photo quality. I totally forgot to pack my camera, so these are all cell phone pics!

August Kiwi Crate supplies

This crate contained: The Explore magazine, rocket launcher assembly pieces, rocket/missile assembly pieces, kite assembly pieces, and markers for decorating. I realize that seems like a short list compared to some previous boxes, but I promise this box was just as fun. You’ll see!

August Kiwi Crate assembly

We jumped right in with the rocket launcher assembly. My kiddo was already pretty pumped. We’d used an air rocket (aka stomp on the pump and it launches a rocket in the air) while camping and she could tell from the pictures what we were building! In typical Kiwi Crate fashion she was able to assemble most of this herself using the photo instructions as a guide, with me reading directions to her.

August Kiwi Crate more assembly

Launcher is about complete; time to assemble the missiles.

August Kiwi Crate loading up

And we’re ready for the first launch! We propped it up on a book just to change the angle since we were indoors. It had started to rain at this point, and since the launcher and missile tail fins are just paper (very thick cardstock, but still) we figured indoors was best. Ready for launch!

August Kiwi Crate launch

Off it goes! The missile is that blue/green blur in the top right corner haha. These things shoot fast! My cell phone was not prepared to capture it, so this is the best shot I got! We actually made a hugely fun game of her launching them to my dad and me, and us trying to catch them in the air. It was hard! And since the ‘missiles’ are made of wide straws, foam tips, and cardstock tail fins, if we got hit with them they do not hurt a bit.

This crate is a hit! It came with four missiles, which is great for multiple launches without having to stop and collect every second. It’s currently set up in the living room, and has traveled to both my mother’s and grandparent’s house to show them the fun! I think this may her favorite one yet.

Since it was raining that day, we’ve yet to assemble the kite and try it out, but we’ll get to it! I’m really loving that these often come with multiple projects; it absolutely makes them worth the money! If you have kids, or know some little ones, I highly recommend Kiwi Crate as a gift or fun surprise. Who doesn’t love fun while learning?!

While I am an affiliate of Kiwi Crate, this box was purchased with my own money, and the review is my own honest opinion. As an affiliate, the links in this post are affiliate links. All income from affiliate links covers costs here on the blog!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    That sounds like a lot of fun! I actually love getting rid of stuff too. I organized my bedroom this summer and it looks so nice because I got rid of a bunch of stuff.

    • Kay

      That’s great! I absolutely love the feeling of getting rid of things that we’ve just let pile up but no longer need. We’ve been in the same apartment for 8 years, and man does stuff just build up!

  • Danette Perez

    I feel ya on ‘anxiety cleaning’. I know something’s up sometimes because I will be drawn to, and feel calmed by, washing dishes. It’s totally a thing with me. Haha. Sounds like you are just enjoying some gold ol’ interior designing though. That’s so much fun 🙂

    What a cool Kiwi Crate! It’s awesome that they have such fun learning projects 😀

    • Kay

      It’s a mix! I’m loving assembling a new art area, but I definitely feel like I have all this super motivation to work on being channeled from the nervous anxious energy. It’s so nice to put it to productive use than just sitting in a ball of worry.

      And yes, I love Kiwi Crate!

  • Aww, how fun! That sounds like a nice experience to share with your Dad, too!
    I’m just starting to get into the “I like cleaning” phase of my life, which I’m also kind of in denial about…. I like to spite not clean so my boyfriend does some of the cleaning but I’m realizing that is the worst approach ever LOL

    • Kay

      Ahaha, yeah that may not work great in the long run!! 😀 There are some aspects of cleaning I still loathe…like dishes. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy washing dishes. But when it comes to sorting, rearranging, and organizing, if I’m in the mood, or stressed, I find it pretty relaxing!

  • They grow up so fast, don’t they?! Still have Kiwi Crate on the list to get for my youngest. I think he’d really enjoy all the activities.

    • Kay

      Oh my gosh it’s so true, they do! I’ve found that all those parenting cliches are absolutely true. And yes, I definitely recommend Kiwi Crate!

  • Deep breaths!! She’s going to be fine! School is fun (at least when you’re a kid lol), so I think she’ll enjoy it!

    • Kay

      She had her kindergarten orientation today and now can’t wait for Monday. And I didn’t even cry once ahahaha! She is definitely going to love it, and as much as I am nervous, I’m also really excited for this transition.

  • Aw, how cool that you got to share this one with your dad! That missile launcher actually looks like a lot of fun!! I love your kiddo’s smile in that last photo, so adorable.

    I definitely agree that channeling all that anxiety energy into something productive is an awesome thing. I tend to withdraw and just sit and do nothing when I’m feeling really anxious, which makes me feel even crappier. It’s awesome that you’re purging a lot of unnecessary stuff!

    • Kay

      Aw, thanks Ashlee!

      I definitely do that too sometimes…withdraw, and just veg out. The times when I can use it productively are definitely better haha! But it is a process, one I am not always successful with. Tuning out the negative voice in the back of your head is so difficult.

  • Danielle Knapp

    I definitely will start cleaning and organizing when I’m feeling stressed – it gets out all of my anxious energy. The missile launcher looks awesome, btw!

    • Kay

      Thanks! She’s had so much fun with it. And I’m definitely loving channeling anxiety into something productive.

  • Awww she’s going to be fine, my nieces are 6, about to turn 7, and they just started 1st grade this month and they love it! I’m sure your little girl will too 🙂

    • Kay

      Me too! She is so excited to go, and can’t wait until it starts. I’m the only one whose nervous about it haha!


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