August Favorites

With all the transitioning and changes happening in life for me right now, I am even more looking forward to fall coming on in. It brings on that feeling of coziness as the weather cools, and I’m definitely in the mood for feeling cozy and homey. It’s already starting…I haven’t had to turn the air conditioner on once this week! With my kiddo starting school, August felt like an actual closing for the first time, with a chapter in my life ending along with the summer season. And it was such a wonderful month, filled with trips, family, and fun. So without further ado, my August favorites!

August Favorites Illustration

#1. Mental & emotional balance + relationship positivity. This month was filled with a lot of anxiety-inducing situations and I’m proud to say I feel like I’ve kept it all in balance without letting anxiety take over and run the show. As for my relationship, it is on the positive. Things are moving in a good direction. But rebuilding trust is no easy task at all.

#2. Cirque Du Soleil: OVO! We surprised my mum (we being my little family and my brother) with tickets to Cirque for her birthday and it was incredible show! She had never been, and I’m so glad I got to give her that experience. Bonus: We had no idea the show was themed around insects, which was SO perfect for my little bug loving daughter!

#3. Family trip to Boston! As I mention in the trip post, spending the weekend in Boston with my brother was amazing, and I want to do it again in the future for sure.

#4. New fresh garden veggies. This month all the tomatoes are ripening (I’ve got loads!) and all my carrots have been harvested. YUM!

#5. The Fake Goth Girls Slack channel. If you listen to FGG, I highly recommend getting in on the Slack channel. It’s filled with amazing people who provide laughs, support, and creative inspiration. Loving it!

#6. Our new PS4! My partner and I have been discussing getting one for over a year, and with the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, we took the plunge. I am now (unsurprisingly) in love with that game, and let’s not talk about my probably unhealthy attraction to Adam Jensen. I sense fanart in my future.

What were your August favorites?

  • Yay, so glad to hear you had a great month! I can’t wait to Fall weather to get here, though it never gets very cold here in Orange County:/ I don’t think I even got the chance to wear sweaters last year…what the heck? I’ll definitely have to check out the Slack channel, that sounds like a lot of fun!

    • Kay

      Definitely an advantage to living in NH…sweater weather galore in fall! 😀
      AH, do it! I think you can message Liz on twitter (@ lizlocksley I believe) to join? They talk about it at the beginning of the eps so you may want to double check.

  • Mariah Kaercher

    That’s exciting getting a new console. I haven’t, but since I moved in with my boyfriend I have had access to his Xbox One. I’m gaming a lot more now.

    • Kay

      Ah, nice! I’m excited to game again; it had been awhile. We got a few games for it, and it’s nice to have a lineup to play through!

  • I’ve always wanted to see a Cirque show! I’ve heard their incredible! I went to Boston for the weekend one time years ago in college and have been wanting to go back for a few years now. Think it’s time for a roadtrip this fall!

    • Kay

      Ah do it! I love Boston. I’m so not a city girl, but I could happily live near Boston and take the train in each day. And yes, if you ever have the chance, go see a Cirque show!! I’ve seen three now, two traveling and one ‘regular’ (meaning they’re there all the time). The non-traveling shows are more expensive, but SO worth it. The traveling ones are amazing too, but the standing shows are just spectacular. I love how every element of a Cirque show is outstanding from the performers, the music, and especially the costumes and makeup. Plus, no animals, which makes me so happy! 🙂

  • I’m currently in too many Slack channels, I should cut them down and finally show up into the Fake Goth Girls one!

    • Kay

      I really enjoy it! This is the first Slack channel I’ve used, and I really like the platform.

      • The platform is amazing, I have a channel with my university bff and we use it for everything (not just school stuff) 🙂

  • I’ve only ever seen one Cirque show, but it was in a tent so I feel like I made the right choice in my only show lol I’m glad to hear things are progressing well with your relationship and your anxiety is under control! Keep it up!! <3 <3

    • Kay

      Thanks!! And yes, the tent shows are amazing! I’ve seen one in a tent, and two of the traveling, and they are all great. Obviously, the feats are so impressive, but the costumes, makeup, and music are to die for as well!

  • Danielle Knapp

    OVO is coming here and I really want to see it!

    • Kay

      I highly recommend it! The costumes and makeup are just as amazing as the acts!

  • Yay glad you got a PS4 let’s be friends on there1 Hahah I hope you like Deus Ex I’ve tried it and it’s not my sort of game.

    • Kay

      Ah, yes let’s definitely be friends! We’ve yet to sign up for Playstation Plus yes, but have plans to. Honestly, I haven’t even looking to how to add friends yet ahaha.

      I can see Deus Ex no being everyone’s cup of tea. I love being able to stealth and sneak around, and the plot is fantastic (if you’re into government conspiracies against the people sort of thing haha). We definitely need to some good RPGs for it though!


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