Artist Interview: Meet Tatyana of Love Teacup Kisses!

I am so excited about today’s artist interview! Tatyana Vogt (aka Avo), owner and artist behind Love Teacup Kisses, has been an illustrator I’ve long admired via her YouTube channel and Instagram. I reached out to her for an interview, and was overjoyed when she accepted!

Her work is so whimsically cute, and I really enjoy her pastel palette. Also, I love that the girls she draws are instantly recognizable as Love Teacup Kisses girls – definitely a signature style! Enjoy her fantastic work, and getting to know a bit more about her as an artist!

Love Teacup Kisses mermaid

  1. How old were you when you knew that art would be a permanent part of your life?
    I knew that art was an important part of my life at a very young age but It wasn’t until middle school that I found out I could be an artist for a living. Although that didn’t really effect the way I treated doing art at that time, it gave me something to hope for in the future.

  2. Do you consider art your career, or more of a hobby?
    Despite knowing I wanted to be an artist for a living, I treated it as a hobby until college. Not really focusing on improving my skills or finding my focus. Just drawing the things that I had fun drawing. To me it was something fun that I could have a job doing, but I just wasn’t there yet so it wasn’t a focus for me. Unfortunately at the time I had the mindset that I would do all the important stuff later when I got older, or when I got to college.

    Love Teacup Kisses smooches

  3. Did you attend college or university for art? Do you think that has a big weight on how successful an artist can be?
    I went to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and for me it wasn’t until then that I really started to take my art seriously and put the work in to improve myself. It gave me the time and reason to try new things and practice what was hard for me inside and outside of school. Regardless of that, I do not believe that you need to attend an art college or university to be a successful artist. You just need to put in the work yourself, draw often, practice new things etc. Ultimately, it just depends on the person.

  4. What is your favorite medium to work with, and what supplies do you prefer?
    To take a sketch to a finished drawing I used to prefer using digital mediums to paint out a picture. But over the last few years I’ve moved over to traditional mediums more and find myself using Copic Markers more than anything. I just love how easy it is to get the color you want and how vibrant the colors look when you use them. Since you don’t have to mix colors or build up to get a solid color it’s an easy and fast way to make something look finished.

  5. Do you listen to music while you create? If so, what?
    Sometimes I do, but more often than I not I find myself watching something on YouTube or Netflix, listening to a Podcast or audiobook, or even drawing in silence.  If I am listening to music it’s a wide verity of things like, alternative, hip hop, pop, Disney, musical soundtracks, rock, etc.

  6. What is your favorite subject for your art (for example, human, animal, abstract, etc)?
    My favorite thing to draw are people, specifically slightly curvy women with bright colored hair and fun outfits. And recently I found a love for drawing fat derpy animals or monsters. But women are still my favorite thing to draw by far.

    Love Teacup Kisses cyclops Mermaid

  7. What advice do you have for overcoming a creative block or rut?
    Take a short break, find things that inspire you (animations, art books, friends, music, movies, books, other artist etc) and then just force yourself to draw a little bit here and there. Usually for me just starting to draw will get the creative juices flowing and I’ll get back into the grove. Of course that is not always true, so I’
    ll take a break or look at things that inspire me.

  8. What is something you wish you knew when starting out with art?
    I wish I knew to draw more, and to focus on things that I wasn’t comfortable with. Had I been drawing from life in addition to the drawings that I did I would have improved much faster. Also if I hadn’t taken so many breaks through out the years where I just didn’t draw as much and if I would have tried drawing other things I would have improved much faster as well. (Don’t just draw the same pose over and over again.)


  9. What is your biggest piece of advice for another artist?
    Draw often, and don’t just draw the same thing. Draw from life, from your imagination. Draw everyday, enjoy it, have fun, try new things. Its never to late to learn how to draw or to improve your skills.

  10. Will you share a few artists you admire?
    A few of the many artists I admire would include:
    i. Victoria Gedvillas:
    ii. Fran Meneses:
    iii. Audra Auclair:


Thanks again to Tatyana for being my interviewee! You can find more of her work on her portfolio website. Also, be sure to subscribe to her blog and YouTube channel, and check out her shop!


  • Danielle Knapp

    These are so awesome!

    • Kay

      Glad you enjoyed!

  • Love these! If there’s one thing I suck at it’s drawing people, so I’m pretty jealous. 😀

    • Kay

      I feel you – portraits I can do, but I seriously struggle with full body. It’s definitely something need practice with!

      • Full body is hard! For me faces are even harder, though. I *never* get them right. I hope I’ll ever find a way to make them work. I hope it’s a matter of finding the right style.
        (I know you can do it; you did some awesome portraits for your giveaway. 🙂 )

  • I LOVE HERRRRR. I think i followed her and tori about a year ago and it kept me inspired in toronto. I’m going to start tagging you in all of my fav artist’s feeds now. 😀

    • Kay

      Please do!! I need to find some art groups…I’m literally in NONE. And it’s probably because I haven’t looked haha! I figured once I open up shop I’ll get my ass in gear on networking. Which might be a backwards way to do it but…umm…oh well? 😀

  • gamerwife

    Lovely interview. Really liked her advice about how to get out of a rut. The same holds just as true for writing as for other art.

    • Kay

      I agree. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • I also loved her advice for getting out of a rut – it’s something I’m struggling with right now and I’m starting to force myself to write a little bit, get up “simple” blog posts and hopefully it will help me get back to my usual, more substantial posts. Fantastic interview!

    • Kay

      Thank you so much Stacey! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I agree, her advice is great.

  • OMG love it! Her drawings are so colorful and cute! I absolutely love her drawing style!

    • Kay

      Me too! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

  • What wonderful and adorable art!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      I agree, glad you enjoyed!


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