• Artist Interview: Meet Katie of Punk Projects!

      posted in Art by Kay on February 26, 2016

      Yahoo! I’m so excited to be re-launching my artist interview series! I’m kicking it off today with an interview with Katie Smith of Punk Projects. I’ve been following her fabulous arts & crafts blog for a couple years now, and I just love her work. Katie takes art journaling to a whole new level. Each page she creates is always so unique and beautiful, and her style is always so recognizable. I’ve never been one who excels at art journaling so I am filled with admiration for the beautiful books of art that Katie creates. She also makes gorgeous mixed media projects as well. Read on for the interview and of course, awesome art!

      1. How old were you when you knew that art would be a permanent part of your life?

      Well, I’ve always LOVED drawing, but I think I decided to start trying to do art for a living around 18. I knew I wanted to be an artist, but at the same time there was the pressure of going to college and getting a “real job”. I decided to just be a free lancing, self employed bum/artist instead!

      1. Do you consider art your career, or more of a hobby?

      Career. I have no plans to be a famous artist or anything, I just want to make art. 

      1. Did you attend college or university for art? Do you think that has a big weight on how successful an artist can be?

      No, I’m all self taught. I don’t believe that having an art degree will necessarily make you successful. 

      1. What is your favorite medium to work with, and what supplies do you prefer?

      Currently, my favorite medium would be watercolors. I just recently started using them last year and have fallen in love with them. I have a small pan set by Winsor & Newton that I love to take with me when I’m traveling.

      1. Do you listen to music while you create? If so, what?

      I do, I have a few different Pandora stations I switch between, however my favorite genre to listen to while I’m working is classical or film scores.

      1. What is your favorite subject for your art (for example, human, animal, abstract, etc)?

      I would say young women, animals or landscapes.

      Artist Interview Meet Katie of Punk Projects

      1. What advice to you have for overcoming a creative block or rut?

      I usually put whatever I’m stuck on aside and start working on a different project. I am also guilty of spending a few hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration and it doesn’t always work. So I recommend getting outdoors or doing something that you love.

      1. What is something you wish you knew when starting out with art?

      This is a hard question because I’ve always drawn and doodled, so I didn’t just one day think “oh I want to try drawing something”.  But I would say that everyone has a different style and opinion of what “art” is.

      1. What is your biggest piece of advice for another artist?

      Just to do what you love and practice every day. When I look back through my old sketchbooks I always notice how far I’ve grown as an artist.

      1. Will you share a few artists you admire?

      There are way to many to choose from so how about just someone who I have recently discovered and LOVE their work? Dimitra Milan- http://www.dimitramilan.com/

      Thank you so much for the interview, Katie, and keep making awesome art! Be sure you check out her blog, Punk Projects, and see below for other places to find her!

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