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For my second installment about art books, I wanted to chat about collections from single artists or illustrators. Having a book full of work by an artist I admire is wonderful. It’s a little source of inspiration right at my fingertips. And in many cases, the books are put out directly by the artists themselves (as opposed to a publishing company) so the purchase will greatly benefit the artist! Below I’m sharing the books I currently own, plus the ones I’m lusting after. Heads up – some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Any money earned via affiliate links covers the cost of running this here blog.

Art Books - Victoria Gedvillas Juicy Ink

These two Juicy Ink books are my most recent additions, and they feature the art of Victoria Gedvillas. I am absolutely in love with the way she uses Copic markers. I find her work to be so soft, delicate, and feminine, and it is stunning.

Art Books - Victoria Gedvillas Juicy Ink Inside

Juicy Ink is filled with fully rendered illustrations, and even a tutorial on her Copic process in the back (which I ate up the minute I got this book in my hands!)

Art Books - Victoria Gedvillas Juicy Ink Exclusives Inside

Juicy Ink Exclusives is a bit smaller, and contains a lot more of her sketched work, with a few fully illustrated pieces tossed in as well. Both are lovely, and I love seeing how the sketch evolves into a finished piece.

Art Books - Todd Nauck Red

I’ve been a long admirer of Todd Nauck’s illustration work, despite not being a huge Spider-Man fan which is what he is best known for. His bold lines and colors just wow me, and I couldn’t resist snagging a copy of his color sketchbook, RED, when I had the chance to meet him at Boston Comic Con last year.

Art Books - Todd Nauck Red Inside

It’s packed with full color illustrations (a few sketches too!) with a variety of super heroes. It’s so wonderful to flip through, and a great example of posing and exaggerated anatomy. He has another book, Sketchbook Vol. 1, that I want to snag as well. Both are available for purchase on his website!

Art Books - John Avon

This next book was a fantastic Kickstarter find by my hubs. He knew of John Avon’s work via Magic the Gathering and the illustrations he’s done on cards. We both jumped at the chance to back the Kickstarter for his beautiful art book, The Art of John Avon: Journey’s To Somewhere Else.

Art Books - John Avon Inside

I am always floored by landscape work as it’s something that completely eludes my skill set, and John Avon’s fantasy landscapes are just stunning. I’ve flipped through this book multiple times to drool over the art. The book has many pages that show each piece from the base concept to the finished product and I love it; I love seeing the process of getting from A to Z.


As for books I’m lusting after, The Art of Loish tops the list and lucky for me, I won’t have to wait much longer before it’s mine! I backed the Kickstarter for this book and absolutely can’t WAIT to have it in my hands. I’ve been following Loish’s work for close to ten years thanks to DeviantArt and being able to flip through it and see her process is going to be such a treat.

The Art of Karen Hallion, Vol1. (Item 06-321)

The Art of Karen Hallion is high on my list. Her work is just lovely, and I really adore that she’s created her own signature style with each piece of fanart she makes.

The Brightest Witch of Her Age - Oversized Postcard - 5.5 x 8.5 inch

This last one is definitely a wishlist item because it doesn’t actually exist yet! But I so want Megan Lara to come out with an art book I can throw all my money at. Her work is just so lovely, combining fanart and art nouveau (one of my all time favorite art styles) and I just adore all that she does! I already own t-shirts, prints, and bookmarks featuring her work, and I’d love to have an art book in there as well!

To wrap up, I’ll leave you with some Instagram accounts of some spectacular artists so you can soak in all their glorious art. I wish each one had art books I could buy! Enjoy!

Glenn Arthur
Martin J. Abel
Jessica Jorgenson
Bea Alvarez
Anna Cattish
Brian Kesinger

And if you like, check out my previous Art Books post, all about video game art!

Who are some of your favorite artists and illustrators? Do you own any art books for specific artists?

  • B.

    I have a few Todd Nuack Post It sketches but might need to pick the book up! Thanks for sharing! The artwork from the first is beautiful!

    • Kay

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed! Awesome that you have some original Todd Nauck art!

  • Emma

    I love Megan Lara’s work too. I agree, it would be great if she produced a book filled with her illustrations.

    • Kay

      Yes, definitely!

  • gamerwife

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Victoria Gedvillas & Loish. So pretty and feminine and rad.

    • Kay

      Ah, you’re so welcome! Loish’s work is just to die for….I can not wait to get my hands on this book!

  • Megan Lara!! I first saw her work through TeeFury and just fell in love! I’d love it if she put out an art book<3 I'm definitely interested in Karen Hallion's work too! Thanks for all the awesome recommendations:)

    • Kay

      You’re most welcome! I am so in love with everything Megan Lara does…plus I think it’s so cool people like her and Karen Hallion have basically made a career out of making fanart! They have licenses for it of course, but it’s still awesome! 😀

  • Danielle Knapp

    I love the Juicy Ink stuff I’ve seen you share 🙂

    • Kay

      I’m glad you enjoy it! I love her work.

  • I love all of this! Please keep this project up. I don’t know any of the artist you shared this week but I love it!

    • Kay

      Yay, I’m so glad! I’ll definitely keep it going, and I hope I can introduce people to more great artists. My artist interview series starts up again next week too!

  • I’m so glad you do these posts because there are so many amazing art books out there and you hardly ever hear about them! Now I want a bunch of these, especially Journey to Somewhere Else!

    • Kay

      I’m so glad you enjoy learning about them! I feel like it’s kind of a niche thing, but people really seem to enjoy seeing what’s out there so you can bet there’ll be more posts about it!

  • These all look totally and utterly gorgeous, I am in love with all of them just from this blog post. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Jas Poole Blog | photography + lifestyle

    • Kay

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed them! Art books are the best. 😀

  • Oh my goodness! Victoria Gedvillas’s art is beautiful! I’m totally going to find her on instagram. My fiance and I joke about how we basically treat instagram like tumblr because the majority of who we follow is artists!

    • Kay

      Ha, same here! I never really ‘got’ Tumblr (#oldlady) but I really do use Instagram as my artist feed to drool over haha. Plus my blogger gal pals too of course! 🙂 And definitely follow Victoria…her artwork is so great! She goes by @torianne on pretty much everything I believe.

      • I just went to follow her on instagram and realized that I already am LOL! I just followed a whole bunch of new to me artists on Monday and she was one of them!!!

  • No way, John Avon has a book?! some of his MtG artwork is so beautiful! We have one of his prints framed in our home.

    • Kay

      That’s awesome! His book is beautiful, I definitely recommend it!

  • These books look amazing, gosh these artists are SOOO dang talented! I love the first artist’s style.

    • Kay

      Glad you enjoyed!

  • Wow, these books look amazing! All the artists are so talented! I love Loish a lot too! I need to refer this post to a friend of mine 🙂 I’m sure she’ll love this!

    • Kay

      Yay I hope she loves it! Loish’s work is so fantastic!

  • These look so fun! <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      Always good for a flip through, that’s for sure.


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