April Wrap-Up & Favorites

Today is one of those rare days where I’m writing a post minutes before I plan to hit publish. I have fallen so behind with blogging in the last couple weeks! I swear, I am not capable of being fully caught up on each aspect of my life all at the same time. Something always slips! Lately, it’s been blogging. I’m working on a game plan for May, but for now, let’s see how my April goals went!

#1. Keep running. Uhhh, not really a win, not really a fail? I only ran a handful of times throughout the month. But I did keep up with exercising at home via YouTube and doing yoga, so that’s good? I definitely need to find a routine for running if I’m going to make it a sticking habit.

#2. Read more. Success! I read four books + one trade volume for April.

#3. Keep up with personal art projects. Bahaha, yeah right. I did almost zero personal art in April, but for SUCH good reasons. I was too busy with commission work! So while this is technically a fail, it’s a fail I am super okay with.

Speaking of commissions, the art shop had a great first month! I’ve made back the money I spent on both business cards and my initial print stock, plus more, so I am a happy camper. Thank you so much to those who ordered prints or commissions from me – I truly appreciate the support!

I’m still figuring out just how much to promote my shop and stuff online. I won’t be able to dedicate full time to art until September when my kiddo is in school, so I’ve kind of been keeping things low key since the launch and letting sales and commissions come in organically vs. a massive online push anywhere. Marketing is definitely something I still need to work on.

Besides art, April was pretty great! Here are some of my faves of the month: Full disclosure – there are affiliate links below. Purchasing through those links earns me a small commission, which pays for costs here on the blog.

  • Codenames. A new board game the hubs got me for my birthday – so much fun! It’s basically a word association game. There is more to it, but it’s super quick, played in teams, and very, very fun.

  • My new Winter Soldier POP
  • Our plant babies sprouting and getting big! We did have an incident with one of our kitties who nommed some of the leaves off all the green beans, but I think they are going to pull through.

How was April for you?

  • I managed to read a lot too, it seems we’ve read the same amount of books! Yay!

    • Kay

      Yay! Let’s keep it going in May!

  • Good job on the exercise front! Even if you didn’t run, it’s good that you kept up with it! This was the first month I slacked off a bit with going to the gym, but I’m hoping to make up for it this month.
    Sincerely, Sara

    • Kay

      I definitely want to get into a routine for exercise. I know I work so much better with a schedule, and hopefully that can lead to making it a habit. Good for you for going to the gym at all – that’s great!! I am so intimidated by gyms, but I mainly work out at home because there are none closer than 40 minutes away, and they don’t offer child care. The downsides of a small town!

  • Happy birthday!!!

    • Kay

      Thank you!

  • gamerwife

    Rick’s been playing Codenames with his board game club at work and is really enjoying it. Happy belated birthday! And good news on the plants. I just started an avocado pit as per your tutorial. Hopefully it turns out as nicely as yours.

    • Kay

      Thank you! I hope your avocado plant does well. The last one I just tried never rooted so they aren’t always a sure thing, but I’d say 2 out of 3 isn’t too shabby. We’ll be starting another this week. Keep me posted on how yours comes along? 🙂


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