April: Small Goals

April has arrived! I think this is going to be my most exciting month of this year. Not only will it kick off my last year in my twenties, but I’m also going on my first trip out of the country! We leave for Costa Rica in t-minus 18 days. CUE MENTAL FREAK OUT.

Here’s how I got on with March’s small goals:

1. Start streaming my art on Twitch. Success! I’ve been streaming consistently for about three weeks now and it’s SO much fun! If you want to tune in and watch me make some art, click here and follow my Twitch channel!

2. Revamp my online art portfolio. FINALLY. I FOUND A PLUGIN I LIKE. It’s actually really great, and super responsive. I’m currently using the free version, but to purchase it is only $13 so I’ll be doing that soon and trying out the added features. Oh, and check out my portfolio if you like! You can either click here or use the menu at the top.

3. Back to daily yoga.
Ehhhhhh, nope. I did start yoga again, but it’s nowhere near daily or consistent. Honestly only two or three times a week. Definitely room for improvement there.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad? Onto April’s goals.

1. Update my art shop. So yeah, I actually DO have an art shop where I sell prints and originals. I just never talk about it because I’m really unhappy with it. I want to update not just it’s look, but also what it offers. I’m currently looking into new places to get prints from, as well as setting up a Society 6 shop maybe? I don’t have a specific endgame for this goal other than PUT WORK INTO YOUR SHOP. So that’s what I’ll do.

2. Find some freelance work. I haven’t had a paid art job in three weeks. Which is great in terms of having lots of time to make more personal stuff. Not so great for the bank account or my mental state (the woes of feeling useless and that I don’t contribute financially…) So I need to start putting in a lot more effort to finding work; so far I’ve been pretty lax about it.

3. Survive the travel day to Costa Rica. I’m so excited to be in Costa Rica and laze on the beach, hike a volcano, and zipline through the rainforest. But getting there? NO THANKS. I don’t travel often, and I’m stressing SO MUCH about it. Plus, my daughter has never been on a plane before (not counting the time when she was an infant since she has no memory of it) so I also have my mom brain in overdrive making sure she’ll be alright. I can’t wait to get there, but I also can’t wait for the day of travel to be finished.

What are your April goals?

  • Good goals! And I love that your header image is cherry blossoms<3 That's the best part of April!

    • Kay

      Thank you! This tree grows right next to my house and it’s blooms are SO gorgeous. Fun fact: I snapped that photo last year at the end of April; this year it’s still currently buried in snow haha!

  • Great goals! Even doing yoga a couple times a week is great! Have so much fun in Costa Rica!!!

    • Kay

      Thank you Anna! And you’re right, some is better than none for sure!

  • Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for you to go to Costa Rica!! You’re going to have a blast. But yeah, I definitely don’t blame you for stressing out about traveling! I stress out before getting on planes, but once I’m in the air and everything’s running smoothly, I can breathe easier.

    I can’t wait to see the shop once it’s a revamped! The new portfolio page looks awesome, by the way:) Good luck kicking this month’s butt!

    • Kay

      Thanks Ashlee!! <3 <3 I think I'll be the same, once we're on the plane, all will be good. We're also traveling with other people so everyone coordinating can be stressful!

  • That picture is so pretty! I hope you have such an awesome time in Costa Rica! I also hate traveling, I mean the actual traveling part, so I understand the anxiety. Good luck with all of your goals!

    • Kay

      Thanks Sara!

  • Travels always freak me out, I love visiting new cities and countries, but dealing with documents and transportation is the worst to me, so I totally get what you mean. Hope you’ll have fun!

    • Kay

      Thanks Alice! I’m sure it’ll be amazing once that travel day is complete! 🙂

  • Ooo, have fun on your trip! And good luck with the traveling. Hopefully you’ll get lucky and your kiddo will be more excited than anxious about the plane. Also, I love the plug in you picked for your portfolio. It looks great!

    • Kay

      I’m thinking (and also hoping!) that will be the case. And I think once we’re like ON the plane, I’ll be a lot more chill. Flying in general doesn’t freak me out really, it’s just the coordinating of getting everyone there and on time (we are going with my partner’s family) and navigating the airports.

      And thank you! It was worth the hunt for a good one!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    Good luck with traveling to Costa Rica!!

    • Kay

      Thank you!!

  • Have you considered offering social media icons? That might be a way to bring in some cash maybe? Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Try offering something, like a small discount or something like that on some art!

    Have fun on your trip to Costa Rica!!!! I tried to tag you in a IG post but I couldn’t for some reason.

    You and me gotta get back into yoga! I’m pretty much waiting until the little guy gets here and then I get the green light post baby to start working out again. Then I’m going to hit yoga gently until I’m back to the level I was at before.

    • Kay

      Seriously, I really need to get back to my yoga routine! I’m having such a struggle with mornings lately, and then I never seem to get to it over the day. Gotta fix that!

      I’ve considered social media icons but I want to practice more with digital art first. If I’m going to make them affordable, I need to not be using physical supplies, especially Copic ink since it’s just so expensive. I’ve been doing a lot of digital practice soon so hopefully I can open up some digital commissions in May! I also may use people I know for some practice icons in the meantime. 😉

      • For sure! I’m going to hit yoga gently after I’m cleared to work out again once this little guy gets here. I was gonna propose another 30-day or even 90-day challenge to the Powerpuff Bloggers. I found a ton of postnatal flows from Sara Beth Yoga that I wanted to do and then move on to her gentle flows until I’m ready to get back into the vinyasa flow again.

  • Emma

    Well done on last months goals. I haven’t managed to catch one of your streams yet – damn time zones – but hopefully I can check one out soon. I am so excited for you about Costa Rica. You are going to have an amazing time. Try not to stress out too much about the travel – at least it will only be a tiny portion of your trip.

    • Kay

      Thank you! And yes, that is exactly how I’m thinking about the travel! Just get through that one day and then AMAZINGNESS haha.

      No worries on missing out on streams (I def hear time zone woes!) – there’ll be plenty more. I’m hoping to do some more unscheduled streams at dif times come May so hopefully that will help with time zone differences!

  • Hiking a volcano sounds cool!! 😀 Don’t worry! You’ll survive! 😀

    • Kay

      Ha, thanks!! We can’t do the biggest one sadly (it’s an 11 hour round trip hike which is just a bit too much for my six year old) but they have two smaller ones we can definitely hike up. PLUS they are active which is awesome as they have geysers and such. SO COOL!

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