• April Goals

      posted in Life In General by Kay on April 3, 2016

      I’m keeping my April goals short and sweet. Pretty much all efforts this year have been toward getting my art shop up and running. Since I met my goal of having it up and running on the first, I’m giving myself a break on goal setting this month!

      1. Keep running. I’ve got 2 miles left to run for the Baker Street Bound race for Geek’d Out Runners, and I’m so excited! This was a 22.1 mile race. Last year, I ran a total of 47 miles for the whole year so I’m off to a good start for 2016!
      2. Read more. I am so up and down with my reading. I only read two books + one graphic novel in March. Fiona just shared this awesome Tips To Read More vid on her YouTube channel, and I couldn’t agree more about her first point: make time for it! I need to focus on setting aside some time each day for reading.
      3. Keep up with personal art projects. I’m currently working on a commission, which takes priority, but I want to make sure I keep steadily making other projects and add more to my shop. I’ve got some ideas kicking around; now I just need to get them on paper!

      And that’s it for April goals! I’m looking forward to this laid back month, with nothing that requires too much effort to accomplish.

      What’s on your agenda for April?