• 5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Podcasts

      posted in Geekery by Kay on June 17, 2016

      So excited for today’s 5FF! Podcasts have been my jam lately. Since my daughter is starting school in the fall, my mum has been taking her for a full day each week from some one on one Mimi-time, since we won’t be able to visit much come fall. This means I’ve had one full day to myself each week for the last few weeks! Cue lots of art and my favorite podcasts.

      favorite podcasts - fake goth girls

      #1. Fake Goth Girls

      Presented by the dynamic duo of Mia Moore & Liz Locksley, Fake Goth Girls has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. These ladies chat about anything from entertainment to self improvement to issues such as feminism and LGBT community. They are always hilarious, I love their laid back podcasting style, and they are so freaking relatable. I’m constantly finding myself nodding along with things and saying, YES YES ME TOO! One of my indie purchases last month was donating to Fake Goth Girls, and I squeed like a little (fan)girl when they mentioned it in an ep. They’ve just passed their 50th episode, so if you haven’t tuned in, do it!

      #2. Lore
      A recent discovery for me and I’ve already binged all that’s available! If you’re into horror and history, this is the podcast for you. Aaron Mahnke writes and hosts this fantastic podcast which examines the darker side of history, often taking a look at the real life events that have inspired many supernatural legends. It’s completely fascinating, with a good dose of spooky to boot. Highly recommended for any horror lover.

      Invisibilia logo

      #3. Invisibilia
      This podcast from NPR takes a look at the invisible forces that drive human nature. They combine a story-telling narrative along with factual research for a very compelling and fascinating look at at human behaviors. If you’re interested in sociology, anthropology, or just enjoy examining why people do and think they way they do, this is one you don’t want to miss. Season 2 premieres today, and I can’t wait to tune in!

      #4. Gastropod
      I discovered this podcast via Gamerwife, and I am so glad I tuned in! As it’s tagline says, this podcast covers ‘food, with a side of science and history’. As someone who not only enjoys her food, but also enjoys gardening and growing food, I find this podcast fascinating. It covers so many different subjects within the topic of food, and it is always equally as entertaining as it is educational. Highly recommend!

      #5. Common Room
      Common Room is a podcast that covers all things pop & geek culture. I love the in depth discussions that arise and the often times deeper questions posed that ComRom ties together with all things geek – ranging from movies, books, shows, fashion, food, and more.

      5 Fandom Friday was created by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick.

      What are your favorite podcasts? I’m excited to add new ones to my list!