5 Fandom Friday: Fandoms I Just Couldn’t Get Into

Yeah, yeah, it’s Saturday. This is what happens when you have a busy week and for some reason think you already scheduled a post, when in fact it wasn’t even finished being written, let alone scheduled. Way to go brain.

Anywho, I’m excited to be joining in with 5 Fandom Friday again! It’s been a long time for me and while I won’t be joining every week, I’m happy to hop in when the prompt strikes. I feel like this week’s prompt may make me some internet enemies, but hey, we can’t all love everything! Here are the top 5 fandoms I tried and just couldn’t get into.

#1. Once Upon A Time

UGH THIS SHOW. I have tried starting it on multiple occasions and just don’t get why people love it. It does nothing for me.

#2. The Walking Dead

Yet another super popular show that I don’t like! And honestly, I was really surprised at my dislike for it, because I absolutely LOVE zombies and (most) zombie related things. But this show rubbed me the wrong way from basically the opening scene. Seriously, I never bought the idea that Rick miraculously survived in that mattress-barricaded hospital room while everyone else in the building died. Nope. I couldn’t get past it. And in the next few episodes, I feel like people kept making the dumbest decisions and I just got annoyed. I made it through five episodes before quitting.

#3. The Hobbit (movies)

Let me start this off by saying I was freaking obsessed with the Lord of the Rings movies when they came out back in my high school days. I had posters, and action figures, and drew all the characters a million times in my sketchbooks. So when they announced The Hobbit as a movie I was so excited! And then they announced it as a trilogy…at which point I became skeptical. I mean, The Hobbit is a short book, and really more of a children’s story, so why three movies?? It just felt like money grubbing. Then I saw the first one in theaters. And pretty much wanted to walk out. I was so unimpressed, by so many things I won’t rant about here. I never bothered seeing the second or third, and don’t have any interest in either.

#4. Buffy

I have no dislike for Buffy at all, I just completely missed the boat on this show. I didn’t have cable when this show started, and just never ended up seeing it anywhere. I know I can stream it now, and while I love vampires I just don’t see myself falling head over heels for it. I barely have the time to keep up with the current shows I like, so Buffy will have to remain something I just missed out on.

#5. Star Trek

I grew up watching a lot of Star Trek since my dad is a giant sci-fi geek. And it never did anything for me back then. (I actually used to really dislike sci-fi – high fantasy all the way! – until Farscape came out. I LOVE THAT SHOW, and it opened the sci-fi doors for me.) I’ve seen both the new movies, and while I liked them well enough, they definitely didn’t make me crazy about Star Trek. They’re enjoyable, but overall it’s a show/franchise I’m pretty ‘meh’ about.

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  • Danielle Knapp

    I missed the Buffy train as well. I have started trying to watch it, and it’s good, but not something I’m dying to watch nonstop

    • Kay

      I feel like it’s going to feel so dated that I’m not sure I could get into it now since it won’t have that awesome nostalgic feel having never seen it. But I do love vampires haha!

      • I started late and I don’t have the nostalgia, but I honestly love Buffy. It is kind of a timeless, cult classic.

        • Kay

          Awesome that it still holds up! I’ve legitimately never seen an episode, so who knows, maybe I’d like it!

  • Once Upon a Time is come and go for me. I love it a few episodes at a time then I can’t stand it. Star Trek and The Walking Dead just do not do it for me.

    • Kay

      That is pretty much how I feel about Supernatural. I LOVE so much of that show, and do consider it one of my fandoms, but a lot of eps in the later seasons have me super annoyed/bored.

  • Manchester Flik Chik

    I agree with all of your choices here apart from Buffy but that’s because it was on every tea time (weird scheduling) when I was in my late teens.

    • Kay

      I wished I’d seen it back in the day, but now I just don’t have time or even really desire to start a whole series.

  • B.

    OUAT was something when it first started but then it just became a mess. I gave up on it a few seasons ago.

    • Kay

      I really don’t get the appeal. I find it so cheesy, and sometimes that totally works for me (I love the cheese-ball factor of Doctor Who!) but for some reason I just don’t like it at all for OUAT.

  • I’m with you on the walking dead! I just can’t abide a Zombie! I’m not obsessed by OUAT but I do go through stages of watching loads of episodes at once. Loved and lived my teens with Buffy though! Love her!

    • Kay

      I LOVE zombies but Walking Dead just rubbed me the wrong way. I’m still curious about the comic though – always something I wanted to read!

  • Kayla Cox

    Awww, I’m really disappointed that things like Buffy and The Hobbit are on this list. I never really got into the Walking Dead or Star Trek though. I love Once Upon a Time.

    • Kay

      I wish I’d seen Buffy back when it was on. I think I’d have loved it (between vampires and Joss Whedon, it seems hard to go wrong) but now I just don’t have time or even desire really to give it a try. Maybe someday!

      • Kayla Cox

        I just rewatched all of the episodes and in order. It was definitely different, especially the graphics. So without a strong connection to the past, you might not be able to get into it as well. However, I love all of the values and meanings behind some of it even if the graphics kind of suck

  • I feel like a total fandom pusher because I wanna go back in time and turn your tv to the WB and Buffy. Come with me, no you don’t need cable, open the curtain:) I had no cable growing up and the idea you missed out on Buff cause you thought it was on cable makes me slightly sad. Although it might have been where you grew up, I’m speaking from a very USA point of view.

    • Kay

      I’m from the States, and you did need cable for any channels other than PBS where I lived! It’s something I totally wish I’d seen back then, and maybe someday I’ll have time to binge watch it and fall in love! 😀

  • I really like the Hobbit movies because I like that these ones are lighter in tone than the LOTR movies. But I have to say the 2nd and 3rd movies are better than the first one for sure.

    • Kay

      My hubs said the same thing (he saw them all). But I also have serious trouble with book to movie adaptations, and this clearly didn’t follow JUST The Hobbit story. And I know a lot was pulled from The Silmarillion but I just wasn’t into it. I’ll have to stick with loving the LOTR films instead, and just love The Hobbit as a book! Though I am slightly sad about missing out on Cumberbatch as Smaug….that voice!

  • Farscape all the way! I’ve definitely never been a fan of Star Trek, or anything else on this list except OUAT…and even that’s a little blah for me lately. I REALLY want to like the Walking Dead, but I just don’t.

    • Kay

      SAME! That’s exactly how I feel about Walking Dead. I love zombies and zombie survival, and I want to love it, but I just get annoyed immediately haha. Also, I’m currently re-watching Farscape and it’s still so fantastic. 😀

  • Mariah Kaercher

    I agree with you for OUAT. I loved the first season and then once the curse was broken, I just wasn’t interested in the show.

    • Kay

      It just feels like they are constantly grasping at straws for storylines, at least from what I’ve heard.

  • Almost match me completely! Apart from The Hobbit (I’m a massive fan of the books, the author, the movies, you name it). I almost picked Star Trek too, never got it.

    • Kay

      My hubs really enjoyed The Hobbit films, and most of what I dislike about them has more to do with the film making vs the story being told. They just didn’t do it for me! I’ll just stick to the book. 😀

  • I never got into Star Trek either! I feel like I’m missing out on a huge fandom since I love other space shows / films but I’ve just never felt motivated to try to get into it. Plus I’ve heard how campy the OG series is and how you have to really stick with TNG and I just don’t feel like watching something I’ll have to work to like. I also have only seen the first season of OUAT and I feel like I should care about continuing but I just don’t :-/

    • Kay

      Yeah, I think even if I hadn’t seen Star Trek when I was younger, I still wouldn’t be able to fall into the fandom. I’m so hit or miss with sci-fi stuff! The new movies are enjoyable enough, but I didn’t fall in love with them or anything. Though obviously I don’t know, but I’ve heard after season 2, OUAT goes downhill (this coming from people who like the show!) so maybe it’s for the best! 🙂

  • gamerwife

    Yeah, I hear ya on Once. I have tried and tried with that show, but nope. I go back and forth on Walking Dead, it’s a complicated love/hate relationship that involves a lot of yelling at the TV and imagining how I would have done things better. I do recommend giving Buffy a try, though. I really think it’s worth the work, but I also totally understand TV overwhelm.

    • Kay

      I have so many people telling me I should try and see Walking Dead through, but I just can’t bring myself to. A lot of which has a lot to do with TV overwhelm – I can barely keep up with shows I WANT to watch, let alone any I struggle with. I do hope to make time for Buffy someday!

  • Desiree

    Star Trek is one I haven’t gotten into, but to be honest I haven’t really tried to either. It just never really caught my interest.

    • Kay

      Same here. I’m just kind of neutral about the whole thing.

  • I tried desperately to get into Once Upon a time… I’m glad I’m not the only one out there anymore… I even failed on FABLES. I feel awful about it. 🙁

    • Kay

      Ah, don’t feel awful! We can’t all love ALL the fandoms. 😀 OUAT is just so cheesy, and I didn’t find it to be the good kind of cheesy. FABLES I really enjoyed, though I’ve only read the first 10 trades, and there are still 12 more for me to go. ;_; Someday I’ll finish the series!

  • I keep watching OUAT … and I don’t know why. The show is pretty damn terrible.

    You’re totally right about The Hobbit movies. I definitely feel like they were reaching too hard for the success of LOTR with them, and they fell short. Also The Walking Dead. I tried to watch the show, but just found myself getting mad at the characters, and that’s not why I watch TV.

    And I’m sad Star Trek is on this list! It’s such an amazing franchise with so many varied series. I would say give it another chance, but that’s a tall order, haha.

    • Kay

      I struggle SO HARD with sci-fi (ahh, sorry!! :D) sometimes but I do enjoy it so much more as I get older. I mean, I freaking fell so hardcore in love with Farscape, and then Battlestar Galactica. But I’ve yet to go back and try again with some of the older shows.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t in to The Hobbit movies! I completely agree with what you said about trying to reach LOTR’s success (and failing) and also about The Walking Dead. I really don’t enjoy being angry at characters the whole time. It’s also why I quit Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy.

      • No need to apologize! It’s totally OK to have differing opinions. <3

        I fell for the franchise when I was super young and impressionable, and can totally understand how it would be daunting to try to get into it after the fact.

  • I really liked OUaT when it first came out, but like many other shows out there, I feel like it’s past its prime. I get sad when my favorite shows end, but then I see shows like OUaT and I recognize now what it looks like when a show just keeps going instead of ending when it should have. The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars are equally guilty of this and it’s why I stopped watching. These shows all have 1 thing in common: Things have gotten too ridiculous to the point that it’s become hard to watch.

    The Walking Dead isn’t for everyone. I recognize it’s popular, but there’s so many reasons why I can see it not being someone’s cup of tea – everything from the gore to the story line, to the mental breakdown of it all. Unfortunately, it too is getting dangerously close to being past its prime. It should have ended already and things are getting ridiculous.

    I never got into Buffy. One of my friends in high school was absolutely obsessed with it. I wasn’t a big TV watcher when I was younger. Oddly enough, I watch more TV shows now that I don’t have cable than I did growing up when it was readily available. Weird.

    • Kay

      YES Kimi! Completely agreed with what you said about OUaT, and I agree about Vampire Diaries too and have also stopped watching (I actually quit 2 seasons ago). I so wish that shows would just END instead of being carried on to utterly ridiculous points. Despite being a big Supernatural fan, I actually feel the same way about that show. I wish it had ended after the first five seasons; it was such a great plot and story.

      I completely agree too about watching more TV now than when I was younger. The reason we didn’t have cable was because neither my mum nor I ever watched TV and she was like, Do you mind if I cancel this and save money? and I was like go ahead, I don’t care, I have the internet! Bahaha. I was always an internet kid vs a TV kid.

  • The Walking Dead is not for everyone. The gore, the stories lines, the subject matter the things go on and on of why this show can certainly be a problem. It is not an easy show to watch. I personally can’t watch the show without my husband. I was away in Maryland for 4 months while the show came on AMC. My husband kept telling me to watch it in my hotel room during this time and I was unable to stomach the show. I just couldn’t. This works much the same as GoT although, I’m boycotting that show. I stopped it after The Red Wedding and I refuse to watch it.

    I have to agree about Buffy. I gave it my four episode trail and I just couldn’t get into it no matter how much I tried. It just kept getting worse and boring. I had to call it. I’ve never been a Star Trek fan either. Just not my cup of tea and I like Sci-Fi….

    • Kay

      Gore is one thing that has never bothered me. I’m just not squeamish, and it doesn’t make me uncomfortable. But I think that’s because I know it’s fake, and my brain can turn off the disgust when I think about how they go about making the gore. It makes it less real for me, if that makes sense. With Walking Dead it was more that I thought the characters were constantly making bad decisions, which I know people do in real life, but I just didn’t find it entertaining.

      And be glad you stopped watching GoT if you thought the Red Wedding was bad. It gets so much worse, gore wise.

  • Ouch! My heart! Once upon a time is one of my favorite shows haha! Truthfully I thought it was sooo boring until I got to episode 9 and then I was like YES YES YES! How far have you gotten with OUAT?

    I never got into Star Trek or the walking dead either. Or Star Wars. I’m just not into space-stuff. Or zombies… This is another cool fandom five topic! Can’t wait to see what others have said!

    • Kay

      Sci-fi used to be really hard for me, but I like it a lot more as get older. I never made it past ep 6 of OUAT. Just not for me. We can’t all love everything I suppose (and it’s a good thing, I don’t have time for so many fandoms!!! XD)


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