5 Fandom Friday: 5 Ways You Grew/Changed/Evolved in 2015

The first 5 Fandom Friday of the new year, and I’m loving that it’s all about being introspective. I’ve been that way a lot lately, what with thinking about plans for the year and goals and such. Anywho, onto my top 5!

1. I did something about my anxiety. In the final months of 2014, and the early months of 2015, anxiety took over my life a bit. It got to the point where I realized, no matter how hard it would be to take that first step, I needed help. And I got some, and don’t regret it for a second. I learned some great techniques for coping (Box Breathing is my life saver) and I feel like my anxiety was at an all time low for the rest of the year!

2.  I started running again. Granted, I fell off the boat at the end of the year, but I’m still so happy and excited that I sucked up all my self-consciousness and anxiety and went out running, regularly, with a friend (and occasionally, alone!) Breaking down that barrier felt great, plus it got me into regularly exercising again AND helped a ton with my anxiety. Epic win.

3. I got comfortable with blogging, and fell in love with it completely. I feel like 2015 is the first year where I felt entirely comfortable in my blogging skin. I’m confident with what I put forward more often than not, I feel like the tone of my posts is me through and through, and it feels great. Plus, I’m involved in the best blogging communities (see my sidebar!), and have made some amazing blog friends.

4. I found confidence in my art. While I still have so much I want to learn and discover with my personal art style, 2015 was the year where I realized, you know what? I’m pretty good at this whole art thing. I attempted things I never would have in earlier years for fear of failure, and pushed myself to do things out of my comfort zone. I attribute so much of that confidence to you, my lovely readers and friends – you guys give me all the warm fuzzies with the kind words you leave on my WIP Wednesday posts!!

5. I made a self life plan for 2016. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but as I mentioned in my goals post, this is the first year where I have an idea of where I want to be by December 31st, both as a person and with what I want to accomplish. And it’s due to taking time to plan it in 2015. I’m so excited for this year!

5 Fandom Friday is hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick.

  • I’m so happy for all the things you accomplished this year, Kay! Hope 2016 will be wonderful for you. <3

    • Kay

      Thank you, Alice!

  • B.

    Your art is amazing! I can’t wait to see what you create this year!

    • Kay

      Thanks so much! I can’t wait to get back to giveaways again. 🙂

  • I’m so proud of all the awesome changes you made/had! And your art is amazing. I often show it to my boyfriend and then tell him how much I would want one of your artworks in our house, or that I wish to be as talented as you!

    • Kay

      Aww thanks! Hopefully they’ll be plenty more to come this year, and I’ll be selling online!

  • Such great accomplishments, and I’m so glad you found confidence in your art because your art is beautiful! Looking forward to following along with more WIP Wednesdays! 🙂

    • Kay

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Yeahhhhhhh, you go girl!! You keep on rocking your life and kicking it’s ass!

    • Kay

      Thanks, Sara, I’ll do my best haha! 😀

  • Danielle Knapp

    Sounds like you had a great year of growth in 2015 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks! It had it’s ups and downs, but I think the positives outweighed the negatives for sure.

  • TK

    Go you! Sounds like 2015 was awesome and 2016 will be even better!

    • Kay

      Thanks, I’m hoping so!

  • I am so about this post! That Schmidt gif is really too perfect for it.

    • Kay

      Thanks! It felt appropriate haha. 😀

  • All of those gifs are perfect<3 I'm so happy that you fell in love with blogging and found confidence in your art! I adore your blog AND your art, so yay! 😛 And super yay for dealing with your anxiety! I've gone the meds route but I'd definitely like to look into box breathing and other natural ways for dealing with mine.

    • Kay

      Aw, thanks so much!
      I very much considered meds and the main reason I didn’t is because I have an incredibly difficult time swallowing pills, so I figured that probably wouldn’t be a great idea (especially coupled with my weird food anxiety anyway). Luckily, the coping techniques I’ve learned have kept it in check. Box breathing is amazing…I’d check it out if you’ve never heard of it; it was a game changer for me!

  • I had to face my anxiety and depression this year as well because it was keeping me from being able to go to work or really leave the house at all. Like Ashlee, I’ve “gone the meds route,” but I’m going to look into box breathing thanks to this post. Happy 2016!

    • Kay

      Good for you for seeking help! I was much the same way…I no longer wanted to leave my house. I cancelled so many things I had planned to do with my daughter because the idea of having to go and function around other people filled me with so much anxiety. That was when I knew I needed help. Let me know what you think of box breathing!


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