5 Fandom Friday: 5 Ways You Are Going To Take Chances This Year

Yet another introspective topic for this week’s 5 Fandom Friday! And yeah, I know it’s Monday, but that happens sometimes. I went back and forth about trying to make this topic more ‘geek specific’ but in the end I decided to just go with the first things that came to mind.

Open an online art shop.
This is the biggie for me in 2016. I’m taking time to focus on my art, and then put it out there for the world. I’ll be offering prints, original art, and custom commissions as well! I’ve done commissions and things in the past, but it’s the first time I’m making ‘art as a career’ a priority, and it’s scary. There is just SO much room and likelihood of failure.

Make an effort to reach out and connect/network with like minded people.
While this may not seem like a big chance to take, it’s a hard thing for me to do. I’m shy, even online, and introducing myself and in some cases, my art, is a difficult thing for me to do. I’d like to find a creative group/community online (or start my own) along with bringing my work to local galleries and see what happens.

I’m going to start complimenting strangers.
This goes hand in hand with #2 in terms of making an effort to not be so completely shy. So many times I’ve seen someones earrings or shoes I’ve liked, and just not said anything because talking to people is terrifying. I know how happy it makes me feel when someone compliments my jewelry or shirt or something, so I can make the effort to do the same (and hopefully get more comfortable interacting with human beings!)

I’m going to start running on my own.
I kind of fell off the running boat in November of last year. I was running with a friend, and her schedule changed so we could no longer run together in the morning. Apparently I took that as ‘I can’t run anymore at all.’ Ummm, so not true. I need to hold myself accountable, get over my nervousness, and get out there and do it. I feel so much better about myself when I’m running, both mentally and physically, and I want to stick with it.

Longshot: Starting a YouTube channel for my art.
This is entirely dependent on whether or not we decide to spend the money on a new camera for me. But starting a YouTube channel for my art is something I’ve been debating since 2014. So if we get a new camera, this will be happening. Which comes with a whole round of other personal fears, but currently I’m not worrying about it since it’s entirely hypothetical.

What chances are you taking in 2016?

5 Fandom Friday is hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick.


  • I am really excited for your online store. As I’ve told you before, I love your artwork and I would most definitely buy it! Trying to connect with people is something that I also find really hard and scary, and it’s also one of my goals for this year. I’m sure we can both do that!

    Really hoping you will get a new camera now because I love youtube channels about art!

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Wendy! I feel like YouTube is still far off, but I would absolutely love to (despite beng terrified haha). At least with art vids/time lapse vids my fave doesn’t have to be onscreen. 😀

  • Such a great list, you’re so brave! Good luck with your shop 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks Alice!

  • B.

    I’m going to try and take up running as well. Good luck!

    • Kay

      Good luck to you as well! We got this!

  • Stacey McDonald

    Aw, these are such great things to strive for in 2016. Good luck with everything, and I look forward to checking out your shop. 🙂

    • Kay

      Thank so much!

  • This is great!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      Thanks Mandy! <3

  • christine

    I relate about 100% on the people stuff – so anxious and afraid! Very exciting about starting your shop … I can’t wait! Don’t be scared – you never know until you take the plunge. I’m rooting for you!!

    • Kay

      Thanks! It’s an excited kind of scared. I feel like my shop goals are realistic which is always a plus, but there’s still a nervousness that comes with it. But it’s the good kind I feel! 🙂

  • gamerwife

    I love these goals! Especially the one about complimenting other people. I worry constantly that I take more than I give and this seems like such a great and simple way to improve that.

    • Kay

      Thanks Mariko! I feel like it’s a great way to break into speaking with people too…I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who gets mad about receiving a compliment. A good icebreaker – and a great thing to do whether you have trouble interacting with people or not! 🙂

  • I sincerely believe you can do all of these things and more in 2016. Your art is fantastic, and I know people would love to have a Kayly original! (I certainly do.)

    • Kay

      You are so sweet Mandy, thanks a ton! It’s definitely a venture that I’m excited about, but there is a lot of nervousness that accompanies it. But it’s the good kind of nervousness I feel! 🙂

  • So awesome to hear you’ve decided to join the ranks of us working artists online 😀

    With that I would like to share a teensy bit of advice:

    On the internet commerce subject, we’ve been dealing with a few issues with sites so be careful of where you go. In the end we’ve decided to self-host as it is the easiest for us to manage and there’s no hidden fees or weird surcharges. Only thing is this is our full time job, so we have time to do this so it might not be for everyone. One thing I can say for sure is research, research, research and read the tiny print before signing up for anything.

    And most importantly- Congrats on your new venture, look forward to seeing more of your art online. <3

    • Kay

      Most definitely. I’m looking in Storenvy as a host platform, but I may just end up working out a shop here on my own website. But I will absolutely be doing a ton of research before committing. Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it!

  • Danielle Knapp

    Great goals – can’t wait to see your art shop I think it’ll be great 🙂

    • Kay

      Thank you!

  • Zeena Elena

    I can’t wait to see your art shop

    • Kay

      Thanks! Currently aiming to open it up in early April.

  • I’m seriously so excited for you to start selling your art! You really are incredibly talented and your work deserves all the recognition and love<3 And I'm right there with you on the shy thing. It's so funny to think that, even though I can't see or verbally communicate with my online friends, I still worry about being judged for my awkwardness. You're not alone, my dear! Being shy stinks, but I think you can kick that in the butt this year!

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Ashlee!! And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is shy even on the internet haha. It sounds so silly, but I have SUCH a hard time commenting on new blogs, or YouTube channels…too much anxiety!


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