3rd Annual Holiday Card Swap!

I am back and full on in the holiday spirit! It felt great to take the majority of November off, and leisurely get my blog redesigned. I’m thoroughly enjoying the new look, which far better represents me and where I’m at in life (working artist yo!). I still have tweaks to make, but for the most part, I’m pretty damn pleased. What better way to kick off my blog return than with a good ol’ holiday card swap?

For three years now I’ve run a holiday card swap here on the blog, and I absolutely love it. I love sending out cards as much as I love receiving them! Plus, this is the first year I actually drew up an illustration and put together a card in Photoshop. I’m keeping the design under wraps for now (no spoilers!) but if you sign up for the swap, you’ll get one in the mail! I’ll do a reveal at the end of the month too.

As always, this swap is open internationally for anyone who wants to join. Don’t celebrate Christmas? No problem! I kept my cards non-denominational this year, so don’t let that keep you from joining in on some snail mail fun. Just fill out the form below and you’ll be getting a card! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, just write a little note in the address section; that way I won’t write Merry Christmas on your card when I send it out.

I’ll leave the form open for responses for two weeks, and it will officially close on December 14th. That might be pushing it for international cards, but I’m still waiting for my own cards to arrive in the mail, so some might be more of a New Year’s card swap? 😀

I also wanted to toss a link to my Postable address book down here! I absolutely love snail mail, and am one of those people who loves to send out surprises in the mail. If you’d like, click the link below to add in your mailing address and you may just receive a card or some goodies in your mailbox one day! Now more than ever I feel like this country needs some extra kindness and love, and I really want to work on doing more little things to spread joy. Snail mail is definitely one of them.

Kay’s Address Book

I hope you all had a lovely November!

  • Welcome back, and I love this holiday card swap idea – and the postable idea. There is indeed so much small joy in snail mail. That said, please email me your mailing address (I’m girlontheroam@gmail) so I can send you a holiday card too! P.S. I love the blog redesign. It’s been a delight following your blog this year. 🙂

    • Kay

      Thank you so much!! I’ve just added your blog to my Feedly…I switched over to using Feedly instead of Bloglovin and I’ve definitely lost many blogs in the shuffle. Looking forward to following along now! Thanks so much for joining in the swap, and I will definitely email you my address!

  • Love swapping with you! 🙂

    • Kay

      Right back at ya! 🙂

  • Awww, I love this idea!! I remember my parents would be STRESSING about getting their Christmas cards out in the mail. I don’t even think they do it anymore, and I don’t do it, at least not to the extent they would. So this is definitely going to be fun!! Does that form automatically kick over your address to me or do you need to send it to me? Either way, make sure you get it over so I can send you one! I have one I think your little miss will especially enjoy!

    PS – The site redesign looks great! I’m glad you enjoyed your time off. I took Thanksgiving week off and it was admittedly quite nice. I’m sure a month was even nicer! 🙂

    Katie | http://www.overthemoony.com

    • Kay

      Thank you so much Katie! I feel like taking the time away definitely made the redesign much smoother – I didn’t feel the need to rush it which was so nice! My blog post pages don’t look TOO different, but it’s my homepage that got the major makeover that I’m super happy about!

      And in the form if you entered your email address I will shoot my mailing address to you!

  • Kristina D

    Glad you’re back, always look forward to your posts. Like the redesign and completely understand taking time off. I’ve scaled way back in the last month just to relieve some stress.

    • Kay

      Thanks so much! Taking a step back is so necessary sometimes.

  • This is such an awesome idea, because – as you know – I LOVE snail mail. I’ll be doing a card swap on Ravalation this year again as well! <3

    • Kay

      Yay!! Snail mail is the best!

    • Kay

      Yay!! Snail mail is the best!

  • Welcome back Kayly! <3

    • Kay

      Thanks Natalie! <3 ^_^

  • Dawww this is great <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      Thanks Pepi! 🙂


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