Twitch Makes Me Feel Old

As I’ve mentioned in quite a few previous posts, I started live streaming my art on Twitch! And boy, is it a whole new world. *cue everyone singing Aladdin*

I’ve always been a pretty tech-savvy person. I grew up with the internet and cell phones emerging as mainstream, I’ve always had computers and game consoles in the house, and there have been very few technological things that have thrown me for a loop. Even with blogging, there are few things I haven’t been able to solve with the help of a quick Google search.

But Twitch. Oh boy, Twitch is it’s own animal. I had absolutely ZERO experience with live streaming, using any form of webcam, or Twitch as a platform. So when I wanted to start streaming, I of course started researching and making lists. And I was quite surprised to find I had a REALLY hard time getting started. It was my first instance of feeling completely clueless towards something in the tech world. I just stared at the Twitch FAQ and reddit threads as I scrolled through hoping they would suddenly make sense.

But I got there. In the most old person way ever. I bought an e-book on how to Twitch. No joke. And I so do not regret it in the slightest. It was extremely helpful, and walked me through things like using OBS so the process was a breeze. Click here to check it out yourself (not sponsored, I just seriously found it helpful!) It is pretty damn pricey for an e-book but it was so helpful I found it totally worth the $15. I also used a bunch of YouTube vids to help me with some details and mods to make my channel look better and my chat a little safer from spam/trolls.

I’ve had at least five live streams at the time of this post and I’m still learning new stuff all the time. I’m constantly discovering things I need to fix/improve/figure out how to do (like emotes. I literally don’t know how to use them in chat.) But on the whole, streaming has been SUCH a positive experience. Every streamer I have followed or interacted with (which so far is just creatives) has been so kind, so helpful, and so welcoming. I am loving it.

Working as a freelance artist is wonderful, but it can be so isolating. As a homebody, I do love working from home, but there is definitely a social void. I’m finding Twitch creative is massively helping to fill that void. It’s like working in an office with a bunch of like-minded people, only from the comfort of your own home.

So, if you have an interest in seeing me create some art, be sure to follow my Twitch channel and tune in! I stream Monday nights (starting at 8:30pm EST) and Wednesdays (starting at 10:30am EST) but I often have unscheduled streams in between those days because it’s just so much fun. Hope to see you there sometime!

  • No, no–the old person way to have figured out Twitch would’ve been to yell at it for a few hours without asking for help, and then straight up quitting. (I used to see that A LOT at the self-serve computer at work. *eye roll*) I think an e-book was just using your resources and finding the right one for you. Anyway, I’m wicked excited about this, and I am literally writing your streaming schedule into my planner so I stop missing them all the time!

    • Kay

      Ahaha, I suppose you’re right! I didn’t try yelling at it, maybe I should have….. XD

      Hopefully this is the schedule I’ll be sticking to (sorry if it changes on you!). I’ve also added in a Friday stream since I do want to be streaming three days a week. I’m still trying to work out what a good balance is between on and off days. I don’t like to sketch on Twitch since my sketches are so light, I don’t think people would be able to see what I’m doing all that well. So I’m working on finding a balance of getting ready-to-color work for streams on my off days, so I don’t run out of work TO stream! So far, so good. 🙂

  • I only limit myself to follow LOTRO live streams on Twitch, but I found the interface a bit odd at first. By the way, I thought it was a platform for gamers, I didn’t know there were also other kind of streams, cool!

    • Kay

      I only recently found out as well (end of last year I think.) It has a whole creative section, which covers so much more than just art. It has crafting, cooking – it’s really cool! I definitely recommend exploring sometime! Plus, the creative community for the most part is still a lot smaller than the gaming one and I like that. 🙂

  • LOL nothing wrong with trying to figure out Twitch! I stream on console when I do stream so I can understand not getting it at all! It took me a long time of watching and figuring it out on my own! I’m sure you aren’t that old Kay!

    • Kay

      Haha, I am definitely not old, but it felt so weird not having a clue how to figure out Twitch! Got it down now though (mostly lol). I wouldn’t even know where to begin for streaming on a console!

      • i think streaming on console is not too hard. I just need to get a kinectic in order to use the camera. It’s pretty streamlined and no additional softward but I was kind of confused about it for a while. The getting it to work process lol