July Favorites Header

July Favorites

I’m starting a new monthly series! Previously, I’d been tacking on some favorites in my monthly wrap-up posts, but I really wasn’t feeling it. However, I loved the idea of jotting down favorite things throughout...

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Art of Michael C Hayes

New Art Books!

For today’s art post I wanted to share a few new art books I’ve acquired recently. I swear, at some point, I will actually have my OWN art here on the blog again, but man….life. Lately it’s been taking...

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My 50th Annual Family Reunion

Last Wednesday, with the car fully loaded, we set off on the road for the fantastic camping trip that is my annual family reunion. I know that often, family reunions can bring to mind cringe-worthy situations, awkward silences...

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Image+ Magazine header

Image+ Magazine

Today’s art post is all about Image+ magazine. I snagged a copy of this back in May on Free Comic Book Day but I’ve only just recently sat down to read it through thoroughly. And I am sad that I waited so long. I...

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My Geek Origin Story

After taking two weeks off for some personal reasons, I am finally ready to get back in the swing of blogging. And what better way than with a post sharing my origins as a geek? The ever awesome Mickey from Nerdily came up with...

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Why The Radio Silence

Last week was not an intended blog vacation. And as I sit here, writing up this post, I’m still torn about what I want to say about why the radio silence happened. Here on the blog, I always try and be open and honest about...

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Cheap Funko Shelves - Firefly Crew

Cheap Funko Shelves

I have a lot of Funko Pops. 52 to be exact. (I am so happy my hubs enjoys Pops as much as I do!) Our collection is not as large as some, but it’s enough that they have outgrown the shelving space I have allotted for them. I...

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